Donald Trump’s Indian Astrological Inauguration Chart

This is the event chart for DT’s presidential inauguration:  January 20, 2017 at 12:00 pm at Washington D.C.

The chart for DT’s inauguration is a chart that would apply to anyone inaugurated at this time and place. It happens to be DT. It is a map of the heavens at the time and place of the event. Why does it apply to DT? Because he is the president elect. It is his karma to be represented by the astral energies operative at this time. It would have applied to HRC, were she the president elect. But this chart is not the only astrological chart that has bearing on the Trump presidency. The other two principal charts are DT’s own natal chart and the chart for the founding of the US on July 4th, 1776 at 6:30pm at Philadelphia, PA.

Why is this chart of interest? This chart shows the planetary energies, or karmas, activated at the time of this event. This is what “is in the air”, and symbolizes the presidential term.

Aries rises with its ruler, Mars, in the first degree of Pisces, the 12th house. This is a very weak placement, especially for such an occasion. Were this a natal chart, it might well signify a stillborn baby. The lord of the ascendant (the “body” of the event) is completely without power. The 12th house is a placement of extreme limitation. However, it is aspected by a weak Jupiter, the Preserver, from Virgo the 6th house. This allows the baby to bawl and crawl.

An inauguration or coronation is traditionally scheduled when the Sun is at its zenith, the time of its greatest strength. Kings and Queens are always coronated at midday. Here, the Sun is in the 10th house of Capricorn, which signifies the ruler in such a chart. Hence, it is appropriately and strongly placed. It rules the 5th house of Leo, the house of power and politics. Thus, it conveys very strong political energy. And it is aspected by Jupiter, which gives it some support.  However, the ruler of the 10th house, Saturn, is in Scorpio the 8th house. This represents a terrible qualification of the president’s power and authority to rule (shine). It is the worst possible placement. It portends great difficulty in establishing credibility. Saturn aspects the Sun in the 10th house, as well as the 5th house of advisors- his cabinet, ruled by the Sun. This indicates great difficulty and controversy in establishing his cabinet as the 8th house rules scandal and intrigue.

The Moon, ruler of the 4th house of Cancer, is placed in the 7th house of Libra. The 4th house rules the opposition party and the 7th house rules open enemies. The opposition party will declare war on the president. The 4th house also rules the nation’s buried natural resources, such as fossil fuels. The nation’s natural resources will be at the heart of the Trump presidency.

Jupiter and Mercury are in mutual reception; Jupiter is in Virgo the 6th house, and Mercury is in Sagittarius, the 9th house, each house ruled by the other. This intimately and strongly relates the affairs ruled by these houses, especially since Jupiter aspects Mars, ruler of the ascendant. The 6th house rules the police and military, as well as the working class, and the ninth house rules the courts, as well as colleges and universities. There will be ongoing litigation and conflict concerning the police and military, and involving workers and college campuses.

Venus, ruler of Taurus the 2nd house of wealth, and Libra, the 7th house of foreign countries,  is very well placed in the 11th house of Aquarius, a house of commerce and gains. But it is conjunct Ketu, and ruled by Saturn from the 8th house. This is a double body blow to its otherwise good placement. There will be strongly mixed results regarding the nation’s prosperity and foreign trade. Because of Ketu’s, Saturn’s and the 8th house involvement, very strange, complicated and difficult problems regarding foreign trade and commerce will occur.

Mars, ruler of the ascendant, aspects the 3rd house of media which represents presidential antagonism toward the press. But Jupiter’s aspect on both Sun and Mars conveys extraordinary attention from the press, signified by Mercury (in a sign ruled by Jupiter), on the president, and which thereby validates him. The mutual reception between Jupiter and Mercury will play a defining and unusual  role in Trump’s presidency. Quite possibly, it will be because of the media’s attentions that the baby Trump survives infancy.










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  1. claude says:

    this is far better than an attack of cleverly-constructed news.
    personally i believe that prediction sharpens intuition, especially if it has reasoning, evidence, logic, and historical relevance.

  2. Thanks Bill, interesting.

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