The Curse of Neoliberalism

                                                The Curse of Neoliberalism

Our political economy has been sold to the highest bidder like slave markets of old. Corporate and allied special interests own congress, the presidency, the judiciary and, most importantly, the media as well. Neoliberalism is the apotheosis of corporate greed.

But when unregulated capitalism begins to eat itself- when the cannibalism begins in earnest, neoliberalism gives way to neofascism. We are entering the terminal phase of capitalism in which economic activity begins to savage itself like a mad orgy of ten million Hannibal Lecters.

Neofascism, American style, is like an inverted authoritarianism. It’s not simply about the President seizing power over economic production. It’s about corporate interests seizing power in every possible way, especially over the presidency, as the voice of a new political economy.

Donald Trump is that voice.

The neofascist demagogue consolidates power through the military and police. Fortunately, for DT, decades of neoliberal war mongering, wholly inspired by racist and corporate venality, embraced equally by republicans and democrats, has gifted him with the world’s greatest War and Surveillance Machine.

The lust of neoliberalism (corporatism becoming more and more ravenous) is inherently exploitive and racist, not to mention sexist. The cornerstone of US foreign policy in the Middle East for decades- ever since the end of WW2, has been the unqualified support of Saudi Arabia and Israel, and the marginalization of countries inimical to our thinly disguised colonial interests.

What do these two countries have in common? They are thoroughly racist and chauvinistic. They are based on the elevation of tribal, nationalistic and religious elites, at the expense of all others. In fact, both countries practice apartheid: the political and economic emasculation of all non-elites, who serve as a slave economy.

The American Empire is clearly crumbling, and for the best of reasons. Dependency on oil, which is the only reason Saudi Arabia is a cherished “ally” in the ME, is killing not only us but the entire planet. The “eternal friendship” pledged to Israel by every US candidate with a remote hope of assuming the presidency, is such a tremendous farce, that there is not a single country in the world that supports it. It is a tiresome lie.

But meanwhile, the era of neofascism must play its course. DT will validate Zionist Apartheid, and champion the extraction of fossil fuels until the Flood washes away all our sin.




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