Is Beloved Archives a con?

Beloved Archives, incorporated by Nosherwan Nalavala in NJ about seven years ago as a non profit- 501(c)(3), is evidently a tragic con.

The archival project purports to collect, archive and present media and material associated with Avatar Meher Baba’s life to the public. Toward this end, money, archival material, and other kinds of support have been vigorously solicited for a project that has always stated to be a project centered in the United States. Now, it has come to light, Nosherwan has promised to give this archival collection to AMBPPCT (Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust) in India. The reason for this up to now undisclosed arrangement is unknown. It is not clear how long this arrangement has been in place.

What is abundantly clear is that the many donors and benefactors of this archival project have been duped as to the intentions of Beloved Archives. Many sacred items  have been donated to the project in the belief that they would be part of a collection permanently housed here in America. To betray the trust of these donors is breathtaking. What is truly unfathomable, is that such a decision would be made without first consulting the many people who have made this project possible. This is utterly contemptuous.

We can only hope that AMBPPCT has the good sense and honesty to decline such a Trojan Horse.




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4 Responses to Is Beloved Archives a con?

  1. Ursula says:

    My opinion on this matter is, since AdeleWolkin left her archives to Beloved Archives, she apparently wanted it there. She was well familiar with India and had ample chance to leave them to India, which she did not do., Obviously because she did not want to do that. It doesn’t seem right to change that!

    • bill gannett says:

      I agree completely. It is also a disservice to all those who have contributed to Beloved Archives with the expectation that Nosh is a sincere actor.

  2. Howard Rhodes says:

    Look, why don’t you guys say what you’re really pissed about? Which of course is Nosh’s embrace of Murshida Carol Conner and SR! Yesterday I received the latest issue of “Glow International’ which has a wonderful article written by Carol about the fabulous work of the ‘White Pony Food Expreess’ in Contra Costa County… do,you have a problem with that too? I am Not an Sr apologist, in fact I might be persona non grata as I was Not invited to the opening of the new Sanctuary that you have dissed elsewhere…I ask you, are there any other such Meher Baba places in the US? Of course not, but you take issue with opulence. Do you Not like Narayan Maharaj who was opulace incarnate inmsome respects what with the silver throne and all? Howard Rhodes

    • bill gannett says:

      I take issue with dishonesty in Baba’s name. And it is true that SR and Nosh both share a rich history of prevarication. I also despise opulent conceit, which they also share. As for Narayan Maharaj, I wouldn’t compare him with anyone but another Perfect Master.

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