Ghazal #89 from Ghazals For The Friend

Drunk or smashed is all the same to our clear and sober mind;
the Friend’s name opens the heart’s eye and makes it to all else blind!

We swear we have no gods but fall prostrate at your pure feet:
please don’t look away when we knock at your door on love street!

The ocean wave rolls us battered into your delicate arms;
beloved, our gritty speech praises your resounding charm!

My longing wakes the dull pain of sleeping stone to cry,
“I once felt the sweet Master’s feet as he was passing by.”

The stars swing low and caress the lonely singer’s pain;
somewhere, the beloved’s sigh blesses the lover’s sad refrain.

Where in this bloody world can I find refuge from time’s curse;
how can I drown this moment to forever forget my thirst?

Darvish can never drink enough where beauty is concerned;
he sobs that his empty glass is proof that he will never learn.





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