Trump the fall guy for our broken democracy

How long do we have to retch over the Baby Trump presidency, over our broken democracy? He has fired his FBI baby sitter, the feckless Comey, so he can sling shit with yet greater abandon. What’s new?

Congress could not care less about a viable and vibrant democracy. Trump is the perfect excuse for maintaining the status quo: corporatism and militarism without end! Not one senator will censure Israel for its longstanding  racist chauvinism of Zionist Apartheid. Not one senator will censure Saudi Arabia for fomenting slaughter in the Middle East. Not one senator will vote to censure the War and Surveillance Machine. Not one senator wants to champion Dr Kings’s dream of a America  shorn of greed, racism and militarism. Not one.

Not a single democratic (or independent) pooh-bah, including Bernie Sanders, will challenge the heart of darkness that is America. But we cannot get enough of the Baby Trump slinging his diaper full of shit in our face.










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2 Responses to Trump the fall guy for our broken democracy

  1. Hbj says:

    Trump is the perfect president, everyone, everywhere can blame most things on Thrumpet.

  2. bill gannett says:

    Yes, it is true. Trump is like dog shit on your shoe; he follows you everywhere, and what can you say?

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