Ghazal #265, Divan-e-Hafez, Khanlari

درد عشقی کشیده ام که مپرس
درد هجری چشیده ام که مپرس

I have suffered such pain of love- don’t ask!
I have drunk the dregs of such separation- don’t ask!

I have wandered the world to embrace
at last such a beloved- don’t ask!

In desire of the dust at his door, the water
of my tears has become such a torrent- don’t ask!

Last night, I heard from his mouth with my ears
such words- I can only say: don’t ask!

Why bite your lip in reproach- I have
chosen such ruby lips- don’t ask!

Without you in the hovel of my want,
I have suffered such torments- don’t ask!

Like Hafez,  estranged in the way of love,
I have reached such a station- don’t ask!





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