Top Five Ironic Proofs That Meher Baba Is the God-Man

1.”God Speaks”, the most significant modern cosmological and metaphysical treatise of our time, was published in 1955, but remains virtually unknown to both cognoscenti and layman alike. Only the God-Man could so effectively  suppress what is the new “Bible” for our intellectually and spiritually challenged age.

2. Meher Baba, the champion of iconoclasm, endorsed a sufi order called “Sufism                   Reoriented”, which claims to have extracted the promise from Baba that genuine            saints will guide the order for 700 years until Baba as the Prophet comes again; Only the God-Man would have willingly allowed this colossal and idiotic fuck-up to gain credence.

3. The “Selling of Meherabad”, a mere forty eight years after Baba passed away, could only have been effected by copy cat Judases with palm itch for coin gain, and a supporting flock of bleating sheep mouthing the Master’s name. This is indeed a “miracle”.

4. Only the Avatar, in his infinite mercy, could have inspired such a completely listless and soporific following of lovers to support a chairman dressed in white, flaunting the three rings of the Hindu trinity and mouthing Jai Ho instead of Jai Baba, with not even so much much as a dissenting sneer.

5. The best and most enduring ironic proof  that Meher Baba is the God-Man is the utter indifference of his lovers to public acceptance that the Prophet and Christ has again returned. This is his spectacular glory: that real love loves for the sake of love alone and couldn’t care less about his Manifestation.





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One Response to Top Five Ironic Proofs That Meher Baba Is the God-Man

  1. bill gannett says:

    Dearest Vulture;

    No doubt Bhau was an unusual man! And exceptionally talented! You are quite right, I never suffered under his yoke. I would probably be a better and more ironic writer had I personally suffered the Three Rings of Ersatz Power and mastered the Jai Ho mantra. But that was not my karma. Freeman, he is a vanishing act. Ward, he talks and talks. He gives interminable 14 day seminars on a plethora of subjects, even “Why do we suffer?” I have chimed in on this subject with a one minute video by Dr. Darvish Khan on “Why do we suffer?”

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