“The Fader” reports on Sufism Reoriented’s marble clad petrol domes

Here is the link to a new article on the cheesy spiritual organization called “Sufism Reoriented”. The marble clad petrol domes are back in the news. The fossil fuel halo of this occult and papal organization wants to impress us all with its fast food bravura.




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8 Responses to “The Fader” reports on Sufism Reoriented’s marble clad petrol domes

  1. bill gannett says:

    Wow! This is so CHEESY!

    • sufi17 says:

      How many cheesecakes did they promise you in exchange for your published comments?

      • bill gannett says:

        You won’t believe it sufi 17! They offered to serve me unlimited cheesecake in a one hour period, like a July 4th “who can eat the most hotdogs in 5 minutes” contest, except I had one hour. They wanted to gag me to death with cheesecake. Disgusting beyond belief.

  2. bill gannett says:

    Amos did a pretty good job considering how bizarre this story is. He managed to make the controversy with the Saranap community sound like, all in all, something almost reasonable in its frightful complexity.

    What Amos might have included in his generally excellent article is the important background scandal regarding Sufism Reoriented’s legitimacy. All of Meher Baba’s mandali (apostles) living at the time of Jim MacKie’s ascendency repudiated him as an occultist. Jim MacKie was bizarre! His story remains to be told. For now, suffice to say that he was the most astonishing and charismatic homosexual game show host ever!

    Amos can not be faulted for not digging into such rich compost. But the New Being, 11 tons in weight, 40 feet in height, requiring 100 people over 11 years to construct, installed on seismic isolators to preserve her left hand when the Big One arrives, probably says it all.

  3. Jacob Horsey says:

    I read the article Bill and enjoyed particularly the frankness of your comments. Don’t mind if I extend the story from an Australian perspective. As you know Francis Brabazon and Ivy Duce had both been propositioned by Baba as to whether they would take up leadership of Sufism. Baba also made these comments in conjunction with his proposition, as per Lord Meher: “There are three things that always hinder Truth. First is temptation. Very, very few persons can overcome temptation; temptation of money, fame, power, lust and leadership are disastrous, very binding, and very few escape it. Second, vagueness about things. And third, dishonesty.” As you know Ivy Duce took up Baba’s offer to be Murshida and Francis declined (some say Baba was pleased with Francis’ response).
    Lord Meher continues:
    Francis was instructed to go straight back to Australia and inform the Sufi group there that Baba had dissolved their initiations and they were to stop all practices of breathing and chanting mantras, et cetera. He left the same day.

    In a way, Australia was freed from the structures of Sufism, and despite Francis’ curtailed meeting with Baba, he eventually lived with Baba for 10 years as an intimate disciple. I am sure you are aware of all of this but I think this is the most defining moment in the history of Sufism in Australia and the USA and should always be included in the story so that people see the story in its entirety.

    It is a matter of taste how one clothe’s one’s interpretation of the Truth: garments of white and futuristic temples or as with Baba’s Francis: a simple hand-made stone house for Baba, from the stones Francis quarried himself from the hillside at Beacon Hill. When Baba visited Sydney, Baba commented along the lines of “even if these walls should crumble my presence will still remain.”
    So in a way, I think the same stands true for the Sufis, large white domes and sculptures certainly appeal to the eye (of some) and might stimulate a group focus on Baba. Even the appeal of a living 6th plane master is attractive and adds extra meaning and importance to Sufism Reoriented’s decisions as a religious organisation. All this being said, the firmness of one’s faith should not depend on buildings that stand the test of time. Baba’s presence is universally available, He even traveled to Australia to reassure the most atheist country on the planet of this, and I have heard that He commented that there were people here (Australia) closer to Him than even His lovers.

    So in the context of this new super complex, in my opinion Baba lovers should remember Christ was born in a stable, both Krishna and Rama spent many years exiled in the wilderness, Buddha was self exiled, while the Avatar this time bothered to visit all of the remote destitute souls across India that were homeless but in-love. And Baba makes it quite clear that love is our final home- unfurnished, roofless and ruthless. As for Australia, despite all of the beautiful, stunning, and grand examples of sacred architecture dedicated to the Avatar in this heathen land, the Avatar bypassed all of them to visit a little stone cottage on Beacon Hill and an old shearing shed on Kiel Mountain. On his drive to Avatar’s Abode somebody pointed out the glasshouse mountains along the way which are truly spectacular, and Baba was disinterested. Such are His ways. We can’t fathom them, but we can pay heed to them.

    • bill gannett says:

      Great comment Jacob.

      Francis had the fantastic good sense to jump the sinking ship of sufism to please the Prophet come again. He gave up what he realized was huge pretension, and for this act of total honesty became a mandali. There is no better karma than this. He will forever stand as the contrasting possibility to the path Ivy Duce took. Adi K Irani relates that Baba offered Ivy the same way out of her dilemma (of not being a real murshida), but she didn’t have the alacrity to accept.

      And because of which we now have marble clad petrol domes.

    • Sue Jamison says:

      Hi Jacob. Thank you for your reply. It is good to read your objective perspective. Being in the mire and muck of the Sufism vortex that we experience here, it is good to be reminded of the real ‘Sufi’ path. Jai Meher Baba

  4. Jeff Craddock says:

    Beautiful comments, Jacob…of all the critiques and opinions of the new Sufi center, this one strikes me as absolutely spot on. I appreciate your insights and the tone of your response…well done!

    Jai Baba!

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