Darvish Khan Replies To Critics

I have been accused of being a faux sufi- that is, a pretender to the sufi cloak. In fact, I have never worn the sufi cloak. Like Hafez, I disavow the robe of pretension; I spill wine on it every chance I get. As for all the high sounding confections about the brotherhood of Baba lovers, that one should never critique them as if we were all Zionist conspirators who must give absolute loyalty to a chauvinist pogrom- well, forget it!

I find this attitude absolutely disgusting. The Baba world is rife with predators, and the sooner this becomes accepted and publicly discussed, the better. The infantile notion that this would reflect badly on the Lord and Master- Meher Baba, is stupid beyond belief.

The truth will  always prevail, and attempts to conceal the filth that plagues our community so as to sanitize our reputation is vomit upon vomit.




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3 Responses to Darvish Khan Replies To Critics

  1. John Bussanich says:

    Speaking the truth about wrongdoing needs no defense. One of the highest values espoused by Meher Baba is 100% honesty. Anyone, like Bill, who expects, or at least hopes for, honesty/transparency from the AMBPT or those who have lived at Meherabad for many years is to be commended.


  2. joe bender says:

    there are three sides to every story …….yours , mine , and the truth. but i agree with your sentiment . all the rascals should be rooted out and flogged

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