Sufism Reoriented Kool Aid

The singularly fantastic pretension of Sufism Reoriented is the steadfast delusion that Avatar Meher Baba promised Ivy Duce and her sufi order that he would provide a continuous lineage of 6th plane saints guiding the order for the next 700 years until he returns. (7th plane = God; the 6th plane saint sees God everywhere and in everything, but has not achieved union with God.)

To “cement” this covenant with the Avatar (aka the Prophet, the Christ), Sufism Reoriented has just finished building in Walnut Creek, Ca a concrete bunker surmounted with marble clad “petrol domes” that is engineered to last- you guessed it, 700 years! Wow! Like, the fossil fuel era and Sufism Reoriented will last until the Prophet returns at the end of time. (Mahapralaya, the re-absorption of the universe into the intestines of God, will occur at that time because the planet will be too fucked to be saved, according to Bhau Kalchuri, Meher Baba’s star metaphysical disciple.)

The present leadership of SR drank this Kool Aid as it was served by the self possessed Ivy Duce in the early 1970’s. SR is to be the great spaceship that will transport the elite back into the bowels of God. Never mind that this ridiculous delusion has been been debunked by Don Stevens, Ivy Duce’s right hand man, and Eruch Jessawala, Meher Baba’s right hand man. And debunked as well by all of Meher Baba’s disciples alive at the time this controversy was articulated in 1980.

But such is the power of Kool Aid. This will get very, very weird.







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