America Is Cracking Up

The American identity is cracking up. The Trump presidency is proving, like the antipodal ice masses, that the American consensual reality is fracturing, shifting, splitting apart and dissolving like never before. Of course, this meltdown has been going on for a long time; but it is only now becoming hysterically obvious. This is a great opportunity. We should applaud our great fortune that we have no choice but to finally disavow our devotion to the demigod of gilded venality we have called progress.

That is, if we can recover from the impending psychotic breakdown represented by DT’s babbling. What a deeply pathetic and tragic babbling! And what an equally pathetic and tragic congressional chorus supporting him!

America will have to reinvent itself, or utterly perish.

But what will represent a new, creative, vibrant and sustainable American future?

Love Supreme.




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