The Kleiner/Wallin and AMBPPCT Debacle

I have previously reported on the scandal implicating the Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust regarding the conflict of interest represented by the clandestine Gary Kleiner and Ramesh Jangale real estate partnership. Jangale is a trustee of AMBPPCT, yet has a decades long business interest in the buying and selling of Meherabad in collusion with Kleiner, a former employee of the Trust.

But this is not Gary Kleiner’s only speculative real estate partnership. Kleiner has also entered into a real estate partnership with Amy Wallin, an American residing at Meherabad. This partnership in contrast to the Jangale partnership has abandoned the cover provided by an Indian national. The Kleiner/Wallin partnership thus has a paper trail which plainly reveals their illegal and unethical machinations: the purchase of real estate on tourist visas, the concealment of ownership through an Indian proxy and the appropriation of adjacent property and a public road to augment the construction footprint.

This obnoxious project will be a multi story condo building built on an extremely small footprint that will obscure the view of the Samadhi of an existing property, Meher Mahal. Kleiner offered to sell the undeveloped 1/4 acre plot to an Indian national named Tarana Singh who resides at Meher Mahal for $320,000 so as to preserve her building’s view of the Samadhi. That works out to $1,280,000 per acre; A new Meherabad record for (attempted) extortion! Of course, four fifths of this sum would be cash under the table and represent yet another illegality. Singh declined the offer.

Kleiner then entered into a partnership with Wallin to develop the property. Wallin, who also owns a condo in Meher Mahal, became abusive when Singh became critical of the myriad illegalities associated with the project. Wallin’s serial abusive behaviors (see letter below) culminated with an assault on Singh about a month ago with a metal object that resulted in Singh going to hospital and an arrest warrant issued for Wallin, who then absconded. Wallin, it turns out, has a history of mental instability. She bizarrely owns a horse that she “stables” at Meher Mahal, despite the fact she knows nothing about horses and cannot even ride one.

This is the letter Singh wrote to the AMBPPCT about her problems with the Kleiner/Wallin speculative venture:

From: “Tarana Singh”
Date: 11 Jun 2016 23:25
Subject: Complaint against Gary Kleiner & Amy Wallins’ Illegal BENAMI Commercial Activities/Transactions
To: <>
Cc: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>

Dear Chairman and Trustees of the Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust,

Jai Meher Baba!

My name is Tarana Singh, D/O Brig.Jagdish Singh and Grand Daughter of Maj.Gen.Gobinder Singh. 

I am a Lifetime member of the CINTA and the Indian Press in the capacity of Actor, Performer, Producer-Director.

3 Generations of my family (over 50 family members) have served in the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force besides fighting for our Motherland’s Sovereignty in all the wars in the last 70 years.

Lastly, but most importantly, I am a Citizen of India, a Baba Lover having represented myself in the Supreme Court of India as my own legal counsel, and won my cases against the most powerful builder cartel of India appearing and winning my case against opposite party’s legal counsel, Advocate P.Chidambaram, ex Finance Minister of India and Congress Party member.

This is to bring to your kind notice that on 27th September, 2015, at 12.30 hrs, at our Mumbai home, Ms.Amy Susanne Wallin, owner of Unit #1, Meher Mahal, Meherabad, informed my husband, Mukut Deepak and myself, that she was purchasing,   from a certain Gary Kleiner and would be building apartments for sale on the said premises.She proceeded to show me a large plan of the proposed construction plan and offered to sell us a dwelling unit of our choice in the said apartment complex. She was a house guest at that time and what we believed to be a Meher Baba Lover who visited Meherabad 2-3 times a year for spiritual purposes. She quoted INR 1,00,00,000 (1 CRORE only ) as payment for the same.

Subsequently she left for the USA and returned in 2016. Over the last couple of months, it has come to my notice that the Indian Government does not permit Foreigners on Tourist or student Visas to enter into Commercial activities in our country.

I would like to ask the AMBPPCT whether it is aware that the lady in question is, over the last 15 months, 

1.Engaging in Commercial and illegal activitieswithout requisite RBI and other Governmental permissions?

2. Entering into BENAMI transactions that are VOID as per the Benami Transactions (Protection) Act 1988?

3. Soliciting business in Baba’s name in Meherabad and other parts of India, including Pune, Mumbai, by attempting to sell the proposed units?

4. Illegally renting the premises in her name in Meher Mahal?

5. Intimidating, Attacking, Threatening, abusing, blocking and humiliating my staff, maid (Sindhu), several handymen, carpenters etc, and the manager of Meher Mahal, Mr.Sunil Kalbor, in person and on email?

6. Traumatising, threatening, terrorising, intimidating and bullying Baba lovers and citizens of India, who are her neighbours at Meherabad, including myself and my friends on an ongoing basis?

7.Ms. Wallin has threatened Baba Lover and neighbour, Mr.Navneet Batheja that she will register a complaint of Sexual Harassment against him if he complains to the authorities about her illegal and nefarious activities. Ms.Wallin has a history of accusing parties who challenge her bullying tactics by suits of Sexual Harassment. The evidence is freely available on the internet, wherein in New York, she has already done the same. The accusation of sexual harassment raised by her was discharged in court in New York.

Please refer to this link or google “wallin amy sexual harassment new york “

I have been hesitating  to write to you asking for your help, because she claims to be “friendly with the Trustees of the AMBPPCT”.

However, for the last 2 months I am unable to live peacefully in Meher Mahal as an owner an citizen.

For the following reasons besides the above

I am the only resident of Meher Mahal living in the premises as on date. There are 2 Indian men of unknown background and antecedents who are occupying Amy Wallin apartment 24*7 for the last 1 year, at least one of who is a tenant of hers.These men drive around in aSilver-Grey coloured Scorpio car without a registration plate. When asked why there is no number/ registration plate, I am informed by them that “we don’t need to get any number plate for any of our vehicles” and that one of them is an “influential government employee”.

These men are hooligans who intimidate, harass and misbehave with my staff .They entertain many young boys of the age group of 10-16 yrs who visit Amy Wallins’ apartment at different times.I am in fear for my safety and need protection.The building has turned into a slum like environment wherein one of these men roams about shirtless, throwing his weight around (he is the said owner of the numberless plateless Scorpio) and behaving as if he is the owner of Amy’s unit.

I am appealing to the trustees for advice, responsible action and immediate intervention, failing which I shall be forced to register a police complaint against the said parties.

It is a shame that in my / our own country, few are made to feel unsafe, living in Meherabad, so near to Meher Baba’s Samadhi, victimised and intimidated by foreigners in the guise of being Spiritual aspirants.

My question to the AMBPPCT is , we are so called “Baba Lovers” who come to Meherabad for life with Meher Baba, then Why all this illegal commercial activity?

1. Are you as trustees aware of the implications of the scandal that this situation is leading up to and its ramifications for the AMBPPCT?

2. Is Amy Wallin on a Trust sponsored Visa?  

3. Do you condone these illegal land transactions and Non Babaful activities by foreign “Baba Lovers” in our country? What would Meher Baba and the Mandali have to advise in this situation ?

4. When I visited the DSP and SP’s offices, they sent a constable to meet a trustee and inquire into this matter. Are you aware of this? What has happened further in this investigation?

5. Do you know that when I visited the Talathi of Arangaon, he told me that a member of the trust is involved in the illegal/Void/ Benami land transactions with Amy Wallin and Gary Kleiner?

In the absence of a prompt reply and action to this communication, I shall be forced to file criminal complaints against Amy Wallin, Gary Kleiner and party as this matter has been going on for over a year and I am in fear for my safety.

In His Love

Tarana Singh

Unit#3, Meher Mahal




This letter was sent to AMBPPCT well over a year ago, but Singh claims she never received a response of any kind from the Chairman or from a trustee until she recently lodged a police report- just as she promised she would do, and the Trust was contacted by the police for information. The Chairman Sridhar then at last called her. Singh discovered from Amy Wallin herself that this letter and every subsequent communication she made to the Trust were “leaked” to Wallin, often within minutes of Singh emailing them to the Trust office. This was presumably done by Ramesh Jangale. Upon being informed of Singh’s actions, Wallin would then confront Singh about them. Wallin’s most recent encounter a few weeks ago with Singh in which she assaulted her with a metal object concerned just such a leaked communication.

The picture that emerges from Singh’s story and the documents she has produced is that not only has the Trust willfully ignored Singh’s plight but has actively protected the illegal interests of Kleiner/Wallin.

Perhaps it is no surprise that the Trust would protect the predatory behavior of one of its own trustees- Jangale, and the predatory behavior of one who for decades served the Trust- Kleiner, and his unstable partner in Meherabad real estate speculation- Wallin, but it is all nonetheless extremely disappointing and disgusting.

Last week, a former long time American resident of Meherabad, Peter Booth, who appears to have arrogated to himself the role of fixer for the Trust, interjected himself into this problem by calling Singh’s friend Leroy Parker in California and demanding that Singh drop the assault charges against Wallin or Singh and Parker would not be welcome at Meherabad. This extremely unfortunate and barely veiled threat on the Trust’s behalf does not bode well for the Trust or Peter Booth’s reputation.

What has happened to the Trust? The Chairman and trustees have proved feckless- to put it mildly, in promoting transparency and accountability, and in eliminating conflicts of interest in its sacred responsibility to administer Avatar Meher Baba’s Trust Deed. Singh’s story documents how callous and degraded the Trust and its minions have become.

And what about the Meherabad and Meherazad community? When will it become an adult and empowered community? The present arrangement in which the Trust and its Chairman are the primary arbiters of the growing population of foreigners and resident nationals’ health and well being is obviously a dismal arrangement; It is simply not working. It has in fact become a toxic arrangement. Since Trust sponsored visas longer that six month’s duration are no longer being granted by the Indian government, the opportunity has clearly arrived for residents of Meherabad and Meherazad to collectively organize to represent their interests to the Trust and the Indian government. The present situation in which the Chairman has the discretion to not answer at will the pressing concerns of those under the Trust’s influence is completely unacceptable.

Finally, it is long, long overdue for the Trust to clearly take a position on what represents the legal and ethical purchase and sale of local real estate, and what precisely are the rules and regulations that should be abided by. The Trust has deliberately dodged this subject to protect the speculative partnerships involving  trustees and former employees of the Trust and the investments of residents. In other words, by not having adequately addressed this subject, the Trust has abdicated its responsibility in protecting the interests and integrity of both the Trust and those whom it serves. This also is completely unacceptable.

I contacted both Sridhar Kelkar and Ramesh Jangale with the following emails to solicit their responses to the questions I posed to them:

Hi Shridhar;

I am writing a blog post on Tarana Singh’s problems with the Kleiner/Wallin real estate project including the recent assault against Tarana by Wallin which has resulted in an arrest warrant for Wallin.

Singh has stated that you only recently (a few weeks ago) replied by phone to her letter  dated 11 June 2016 in which she details her complaint against the Kleiner/Wallin project, and that you basically declined to take an interest in her complaint.

Is this true?

Would you please comment on the Jangale/Kleiner real estate partnership and specifically address the assertion that the conflict of interest represented by this partnership has complicated your ability to adequately address Tarana’s complaint?

Hi Ramesh;

I am writing a blog post on Tarana Singh’s complaint against the Kleiner/Wallin real estate project and need your input.

Tarana has said that she never received a reply from you to her letter to the Chairman and trustees dated 11 June, 2016 detailing her complaint. Are you not the trustee appointed in charge of security at Meherabad? Did you never get back to her by phone, email or in person?

Also, would you please confirm or deny that you have a longstanding real estate partnership with Gary Kleiner? Would this explain why (if it is true) you never got back to Tarana?

In Baba, Bill Gannett


As of publication, I have not received replies.












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15 Responses to The Kleiner/Wallin and AMBPPCT Debacle

  1. Susan Herr says:

    I find this shocking and highly disturbing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, it is. It represents a complete breakdown in Trust integrity. The Trust should offer an ultimatum to Jangale: either divest yourself of your real estate partnership with Kleiner or you’re fired. The Trust should petition the Indian government to have Kleiner’s visa cancelled. The only way out for the Trust is to take the high road. But does it have the guts?

  2. A.Friend says:

    Speaking practically. The tactic of shining the torch of transparency is the only means to pierce the veil of lies and cover ups. I propose a mass mail out of this blog post in hard copy form. Organise a crew. Pool funds. Draft a list of names and addresses of all residents and staff and Trust. Every individual is to simaltaneously receive a copy. No emails. At the same time, a few reliable ones on site distribute copies daily- anonymously or publically. Repeat mail out in a month. And again. Jai Baba In His Truth and Endurance

  3. Charlie Gard'ner says:

    Bill….Came across this long article a few days after it was posted and have been going on line just about every day to see if you have received any email answers from Shridar, or Jangle. As you know I have had quite a bit of karma with the Trust over the years,and I too have often felt frustrated with what appears to be a lack of effort on their part to communicate back to me or address the issues. This was particularily obvious when I questioned Shridar about Erico’s death and he replied with a wave of his hand and the words…”Oh that was a long time ago …we don’t need to talk about that.”

    Anyway, as a pilgrim who knows, and sees, Tarana, Leroy, Amy, Gary , and Peter Booth every year over in India, and as a Baba Lover who has had a few questions and
    run-ins with the Trust over the years, I find your investigation very interesting.
    Whether you will ever get any answers from the Trust….I wish you good luck…you will need it.
    Jai Baba..Charlie.

  4. dagmar lai says:

    i am shocked that the Trust didn’t have the politeness (to say the least) to answer to a letter for help from a Baba love, if they had just written ” sorry, but we can’t help here, it is beyond our function”, it would have been ok, but to not answer at all??? what is this??? and what has peter booth to do with any of this? does he feel the call to become a new Trustee?
    this s all very disturbing and destroys the integrity of Meher Baba’s Trust.

    • bill gannett says:

      Peter Booth is a meddler.

    • Clive Adams says:

      Dear Dagmar,

      Your comments are to the point and make common sense. I have seen other important issues brought to the Trust/Trustees attention in recent times and the Trust didn’t have the courtesy to respond, just like the Tarana Singh case. The question arises, who is really running the Trust these days? Who is making the decisions. Could the Meherazad Approach Road issue have been avoided if the Trust was on the ball. My guess is yes! Could the debacle with the Kerawala 3.75 acre property next to lower Meherabad have been avoided with proper management of the Trust and of course the answer is yes. But the conflict of interest issues are serious and real and leading to bad decisions. As to your question about Peter Booth, my guess is that when he arrived in India recently, he found out that Tarana Singh had filed criminal charges against Amy Wallin and Kleiner and he thought it his mandate to try and intervene to protect the Trust. The problem is this; Peter didn’t step back and do proper due-diligence. At the very least he should have sat down with Tarana and heard her side of the story. Instead he apparently threatened Tarana and Leroy with ex-communication from Meherabad. Now the local police are asking Peter to report to the Ahmednagar Police Station to answer questions. Last I heard he had disappeared from Meherabad.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Bill Gannett and many of you are quite gullible if you believe the story of Tarana Singh who has selfish motivations for making this story up. Do people understand the difference between hearsay and fact? There was at least one witness who disputed that Amy assaulted Tarana. And, none of the land dealings with Kleiner and Ramesh have anything to do with property the trust owns or wanted to own. It’s between them and Meher Baba and it’s appropriate that the trust doesn’t get involved. There are many westerners who have legally bought property in Meherabad – and yes they were on tourist visas when purchased. Gannett is jeopardizing those people by drawing attention to them by being a busybody.

    • bill gannett says:

      The anonymous commenter above is interesting for his/her selective attention and confused thinking. The main point about the Tarana Singh story is that it illustrates problems that arise with an illegal real estate partnership when challenged by someone with standing in Indian law, i.e. an Indian national, and the utter indifference of the Trust to her plight. I suggest in my blog post that this is at least partly because of the conflict of interest represented by the Jangle/Kleiner real estate partnership. Why conflict of interest? Because Jangle is a trustee, and the trustee in charge of security at Meherabad. In fact, someone at the Trust office leaked Tarana’s emails about the wacko Amy Wallin to Wallin and this resulted in the latest confrontation and Wallin’s arrest warrant. This leaker was probably Jangale.

      Also, the commenter is flat out wrong about Ramesh and Kleiner’s land transactions having nothing to do with the Trust. Kleiner approached the Trust about buying the Kerawalla property but the price he asked was astronomical. The Trust could not afford it but very much wanted to purchase it- but only at a fair price. Ramesh helped Kleiner put this deal together. This is an instance of a trustee actively and aggressively acting in opposition to the Trust’s own interests!

      Finally, if those who have purchased property at Meherabad on tourist visas have done so legally, then why am I jeopardizing them? The fact is, it is illegal to purchase land in India on a tourist visa, and I have pointed this out about the Kleiner/Wallin partnership. What the not very bright commenter wants to say is that he/she is not so sure about that fact and doesn’t want the issue publicized accordingly.

      So, isn’t it interesting that many of the people at Meherabad who have purchased real estate don’t want legitimate concerns about the health and integrity of Meherabad publicly aired because it might adversely affect their investments?

      What does this say about Meherabad?

    • Clive Adams says:

      Whoever wrote this ANONYMOUS post is a coward, who knows next to nothing about the issues raised in this post and previous ones. If Amy Wallin had done nothing wrong, as suggested by ANONYMOUS, why did she abscond in the first place? By running from the authorities, Amy has forfeited her option for bail and if and when she is arrested she has made matters worse than it otherwise would have been. Now she can’t leave India and if she does, she may not be able to return. I suggest that “anonymous” carefully study the Revised and Ammended Benami Act of 2016, (updated from the 1978 version) in order to make claims about foreigners legally being able to purchase land, or other immovable assets, while visiting India on tourist visas.

  6. Charlie Gard'ner says:

    Dear ‘Anonymous’……Thank you for your latest post. I have a number of questions for you.

    (1) Do you personally know any of these people that you are ‘somewhat’ attacking here
    on line as to their honesty, history, background , etc.

    (2) Do you ever visit Meherabad… consult and question any of the Trust members?

    (3)Have you ever visited Tarana’s home at Meherabad….have you met and talked with

    (4) Have you ever ‘hung out’ with Gary in the last few years….asked him what now
    brings him to India every year ……..if he is making deals on his ‘Pilgrimage’ or
    there just to visit the Samadhi ?

    (5) ….and why do you use the name ‘Anonymous’. Do you not want to be open in
    with your opinions concerning what is going on in the Baba world ? Come on out
    and let us communicate on an open honest level….there is nothing to fear….You
    might be my next-door neighbor that I share a cup of tea with every morning….
    or you might be that beautiful woman that I see every year at Baba’s Birthday at
    His Tomb who wanders off on her bicycle after Arti and is never seen again.

    Chales Gard’ner.

  7. manonash59 says:

    As I recall, Amy Wallin was one of Margaret Craske’s dancers. She accompanied Tex Hightower on his most recent visits to India.

  8. Leroy Parker says:

    Dear Bill I have known Tarana Singh for 5 years. This is about the San the same length of time I have seen her as a neighbor of Amy wallin. From the very the very early times that I noticed Tarana interact with Amy and take her in her confidence I had a feeling that there was something abut off about Amy… I did not feel drawn to her or that I could trust her.. Now I have worked a teacher and professional with thousands of students over a period of forty three years, I have learned to listen to and trust my intuition.. It proved to be true.. True about Amy Wallin And many people in that condo where Amy and Tarana were staying were put in a very alienated relation because of Amy’s like of sensitivity to the peace of others in that complex.. for example one for examlpl one other tenet a Mr Navit told me how Amy had mistreated him spoke spoke many times to him in a cruel degrading and threatening way when asked her to help him with the stray animals and when she was encroaching upon his tenet rights, Amy would have carpenters working late at night and making so much noise that rolls could not rest .. or meditate.. they had to beg her to stop!… Amy also had many stray dogs in Tarana’s Apartment while Tarana was gone and I was supposed use that space while Tarana was in the states.. I was very alarmed because there was dog din the place where I was to reside.. It was not true but Amy said Tarana told her she could use the space for the animals… well I had come all the way from the USA And had no clean place to stay oh well, it was my first experience among many of manipulative dishonesty on Amy’s part… I forgave it but stayed away from Amy from then on…now I realize that many people, Westerners, thigh they do not come forward and admit it about Amy Wallin say she can not be trusted or easily gotten along with..Peter Booth, though hear iththough I hear he denied he vet called me or said he doesn’t even know me, Did call me and threatened to have Tarana Singh Ostracized if she did not withdraw the charges against Crazy” Amy ( and those are the words that Peter used,.. He said Leroy we kno Amy is crazy but we just not want to see her go to Indian Jail. So could you please convince Tarana to withdraw the charges?? Or we will make sure that it is very difficult in Meherabad for Tarana.. How dare she press charges against a Western woman! We just can’t let her go to Indian Jail! We are going to do all we can to stop this!! I asked Peter if he knew the whole story and and if he had the true facts? This did not seem to matter to him.. He seemed to think that this Amy Wallin was privileged because she was a Western Caucasian woman…I thought this strange.. however I have witnessed many many Western Baba lovers talk in a very cruel and demeaning way to many Indian to many Indian Baba Lovers as if they the Westerners were superior…

    • bill gannett says:

      Hi Leroy;

      Sorry I didn’t see your good comment until just now. I wasn’t ignoring you. I agree with you that the Trust’s and Peter’s protection of Amy Wallin (and Gary Kleiner and Ramesh Jangale) is weird. Very weird. We have a big problem at Meherabad and with Baba lovers in not first and foremost adhering to a policy of honesty as opposed to damage control. This is very sad and truly pathetic.

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