All I know is what I read in the bogus news

All I know is what I read in the bogus news:
this world and the next belong to Zionist Jews.

The jihadist will survive with bomb sewn in belly,
in new-found paradise graced with petroleum jelly.

Righteous Hindu will live forever mumbling Rig Veda,
proclaiming the eternal religion of Hindutva.

Faux Christian will rise on the one true Plastic Cross,
choiring for all time that white corporatist is boss.

Religious zeal will tuck us all into bed at night,
so we can dream of a world perfected by fright.

We will all wake up in pure radioactive heaven-
but some wearin’ hazmat suits- ¬†the rest a gaspin’.

Darvish believes in a god who gets him so drunk,
he becomes as faithless and stateless as a skunk.





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