Nationalism and Chauvinism

The great problem with our Orwellian New World is the collapse of genuine spiritual common ground within and among nations and the rise of arch chauvinism as a failed compensatory strategy.

The US, Great Britain, Russia, China and France, on the one hand, and a great number of other nations on the other hand, have all collapsed into pathetic national narcissism. All the gods of the world’s religions have become vampires bleeding their victims to death.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam- and Hinduism and even Buddhism as well, have proved to be bankrupt strategies in informing the public with a sensibility that works.

Israel is nothing but a chauvinist Zionist lie; the West- but especially the US, is nothing but an inverted Christianity worshiping the Cross of Corporatism; Islam has become a metaphor for suicidal zealotry and Hindutva little more than religious fascism.

State sponsored terrorism has become the normal response to unruly former colonial subjects. The US in particular has taken it upon itself to punish not only its own citizenry but that of the world for not submitting to its ordained exceptionalism.

With every passing day, the US is proving that it is the lumbering giant that will shortly tumble out of the sky and split its head open for all to applaud and lament.








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