about Francis Brabazon…

Francis Brabazon was the “court poet”- in English, at the darbar of Avatar Meher Baba in Meherazad, India. He was Australian of English and Irish parentage. He grew up farming, but had a tremendous aptitude for art, literature and spiritual subjects. He was a brilliant uncut diamond and under the influence of his Friend and Beloved, Meher Baba, crafted the English ghazal as an adaptation of the Persian ghazal perfected in the work of Hafez. This pleased his Beloved enormously, who likened him to the immortal Hafez. He is the greatest poet in English of our time. He is the author of “In Dust I Sing,” “Stay With God” and many other titles. Here is an online library of works by and about Meher Baba.

He is the inspiration for these efforts to continue the English ghazal genre.

Note: I am currently preparing a more lengthy bio of Francis Brabazon as the Wikipedia article has been the locus of a political squabble that has rendered the giant poet’s legacy captive in Lilliput where it is being jabbed with pen-knives.


Video of Francis Brabazon quarrying stone to build Meher House in Sydney, Australia, to the recitation of his poems “The Stone Mason” and “Now Has Come The Moment Of Joy”.


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