ghazal #204, revised with rhyme, divan-e-Hafez, khanlari

Last night, in our circle of friends, the story was of your curls;
Into the heart of night, our talk was of how your hair unfurls.

The heart ran with blood from your eyelashes’ arrows,
Yet was longing for still more from the eyebrows’ bows.

May god forgive the breeze that delivered your presence;
Had it not- all that were left would be but senescence.

The world has no idea of love’s terror and tumult:
The sorcery of your glance is nought but bitter rout.

I, the astonished one, was among the safe and secure;
But you hairs’ twisted curls caught me with a scented lure.

Loosen my shirt until my heart is fully revealed;
my purity wholly derives from lying by your side.

Remember your promise, when you pass by Hafez’s corpse,
Who, as he left this world, was still desiring your lips.


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The Curse of Neoliberalism

                                                The Curse of Neoliberalism

Our political economy has been sold to the highest bidder like slave markets of old. Corporate and allied special interests own congress, the presidency, the judiciary and, most importantly, the media as well. Neoliberalism is the apotheosis of corporate greed.

But when unregulated capitalism begins to eat itself- when the cannibalism begins in earnest, neoliberalism gives way to neofascism. We are entering the terminal phase of capitalism in which economic activity begins to savage itself like a mad orgy of ten million Hannibal Lecters.

Neofascism, American style, is like an inverted authoritarianism. It’s not simply about the President seizing power over economic production. It’s about corporate interests seizing power in every possible way, especially over the presidency, as the voice of a new political economy.

Donald Trump is that voice.

The neofascist demagogue consolidates power through the military and police. Fortunately, for DT, decades of neoliberal war mongering, wholly inspired by racist and corporate venality, embraced equally by republicans and democrats, has gifted him with the world’s greatest War and Surveillance Machine.

The lust of neoliberalism (corporatism becoming more and more ravenous) is inherently exploitive and racist, not to mention sexist. The cornerstone of US foreign policy in the Middle East for decades- ever since the end of WW2, has been the unqualified support of Saudi Arabia and Israel, and the marginalization of countries inimical to our thinly disguised colonial interests.

What do these two countries have in common? They are thoroughly racist and chauvinistic. They are based on the elevation of tribal, nationalistic and religious elites, at the expense of all others. In fact, both countries practice apartheid: the political and economic emasculation of all non-elites, who serve as a slave economy.

The American Empire is clearly crumbling, and for the best of reasons. Dependency on oil, which is the only reason Saudi Arabia is a cherished “ally” in the ME, is killing not only us but the entire planet. The “eternal friendship” pledged to Israel by every US candidate with a remote hope of assuming the presidency, is such a tremendous farce, that there is not a single country in the world that supports it. It is a tiresome lie.

But meanwhile, the era of neofascism must play its course. DT will validate Zionist Apartheid, and champion the extraction of fossil fuels until the Flood washes away all our sin.

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The Veracity of Rumi and Hafez in English

Several different ideas and factors intersect to inform the subject of the veracity of Rumi’s and Hafez’s presentation in English.

Coleman Bark’s adaptations of Rumi seek to create an authentic voice of bardic spirituality, even if that voice is often dissociated from an Islamic context. It is an interpretation of Rumi that succeeds, often brilliantly, by Bark’s drinking deeply from the well of spirit, and even if he does not have a command of the Persian.

What is overlooked by critiques of his work is that although Rumi’s poetry can not be divorced from the Koran, it is only partly based on the Koran by way of reference and inspiration. The Masnavi has many Koranic references, and even includes lines of Arabic. But the important point is that Rumi was not inspired to write the Masnavi nor his ghazals because of the Koran or because of the intellectual traditions of which he was a master and teacher. Rumi became one of the world’s most prolific poets as the direct result of his relationship with his master, Shams-e-Tabrizi. Shams was an ensan-e-kamil, a Perfect Man, and it was his spiritual perfection that elevated Rumi from the most learned man of his day into a poet whose longing for the Master, from whom he had become separated, that would eventually transform himself into such a Perfect Man, as well.

The spiritual perfection embodied in Shams-e-Tabrizi and in Rumi occurs within the revelation occasioned by Islam, but is not limited to nor reducible to the outer facts of Islam. Islam, after all, means “submission” to Allah, which essentially denotes a relationship based on consciousness, not legality. And Rumi’s poetry is about love, longing and spiritual truth, not textual or religious debate.

Rumi’s poetry is not essentially about Islam per se, but about Unitive consciousness. Rumi’s voice in Persian is an existential voice of love and longing for embodied Spirit. His ghazals are in fact signed with the name of his master, Shams-e-Tabrizi, which means the (spiritual) Sun of Tabriz.

When we bring the ghazals of Hafez-e-Shirazi into the conversation, this both complicates and elucidates the problem of what is meant by authentic translation, versioning and spiritual context.

Hafez is a stylist and much more difficult than Rumi to translate or version in English. The work of Ladinsky, unlike Barks’ work with Rumi, does not attempt to follow the text of Hafez’s ghazals at all. It actually represents Ladinsky’s own poetry and has nothing to do, in any meaningful sense, with the work of Hafez.

Hafez, despite the fact that his name denotes one who has memorized the Koran, does not directly reference the Koran- or even the Prophet, in his ghazals! And, in fact, he readily abuses Islam by adversely comparing it to the wine served at the tavern run by the pir-e-mogan, the Magian (Zoroastrian) Elder. For Hafez, the “religion” of Islam is a pile of trash.

Historically, before the modern period, Hafez was widely considered to also be an ensan-e-kamil, or Perfect Man. And also, again like Rumi, because of his love and longing for his master, who is not even referred to as a Muslim!  Apart from irony, there is no textual reason in the Divan-e-Hafez to suppose that the religion of Islam had much to do with his literary and spiritual genius.

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Donald Trump’s Indian Astrological Inauguration Chart

This is the event chart for DT’s presidential inauguration:  January 20, 2017 at 12:00 pm at Washington D.C.

The chart for DT’s inauguration is a chart that would apply to anyone inaugurated at this time and place. It happens to be DT. It is a map of the heavens at the time and place of the event. Why does it apply to DT? Because he is the president elect. It is his karma to be represented by the astral energies operative at this time. It would have applied to HRC, were she the president elect. But this chart is not the only astrological chart that has bearing on the Trump presidency. The other two principal charts are DT’s own natal chart and the chart for the founding of the US on July 4th, 1776 at 6:30pm at Philadelphia, PA.

Why is this chart of interest? This chart shows the planetary energies, or karmas, activated at the time of this event. This is what “is in the air”, and symbolizes the presidential term.

Aries rises with its ruler, Mars, in the first degree of Pisces, the 12th house. This is a very weak placement, especially for such an occasion. Were this a natal chart, it might well signify a stillborn baby. The lord of the ascendant (the “body” of the event) is completely without power. The 12th house is a placement of extreme limitation. However, it is aspected by a weak Jupiter, the Preserver, from Virgo the 6th house. This allows the baby to bawl and crawl.

An inauguration or coronation is traditionally scheduled when the Sun is at its zenith, the time of its greatest strength. Kings and Queens are always coronated at midday. Here, the Sun is in the 10th house of Capricorn, which signifies the ruler in such a chart. Hence, it is appropriately and strongly placed. It rules the 5th house of Leo, the house of power and politics. Thus, it conveys very strong political energy. And it is aspected by Jupiter, which gives it some support.  However, the ruler of the 10th house, Saturn, is in Scorpio the 8th house. This represents a terrible qualification of the president’s power and authority to rule (shine). It is the worst possible placement. It portends great difficulty in establishing credibility. Saturn aspects the Sun in the 10th house, as well as the 5th house of advisors- his cabinet, ruled by the Sun. This indicates great difficulty and controversy in establishing his cabinet as the 8th house rules scandal and intrigue.

The Moon, ruler of the 4th house of Cancer, is placed in the 7th house of Libra. The 4th house rules the opposition party and the 7th house rules open enemies. The opposition party will declare war on the president. The 4th house also rules the nation’s buried natural resources, such as fossil fuels. The nation’s natural resources will be at the heart of the Trump presidency.

Jupiter and Mercury are in mutual reception; Jupiter is in Virgo the 6th house, and Mercury is in Sagittarius, the 9th house, each house ruled by the other. This intimately and strongly relates the affairs ruled by these houses, especially since Jupiter aspects Mars, ruler of the ascendant. The 6th house rules the police and military, as well as the working class, and the ninth house rules the courts, as well as colleges and universities. There will be ongoing litigation and conflict concerning the police and military, and involving workers and college campuses.

Venus, ruler of Taurus the 2nd house of wealth, and Libra, the 7th house of foreign countries,  is very well placed in the 11th house of Aquarius, a house of commerce and gains. But it is conjunct Ketu, and ruled by Saturn from the 8th house. This is a double body blow to its otherwise good placement. There will be strongly mixed results regarding the nation’s prosperity and foreign trade. Because of Ketu’s, Saturn’s and the 8th house involvement, very strange, complicated and difficult problems regarding foreign trade and commerce will occur.

Mars, ruler of the ascendant, aspects the 3rd house of media which represents presidential antagonism toward the press. But Jupiter’s aspect on both Sun and Mars conveys extraordinary attention from the press, signified by Mercury (in a sign ruled by Jupiter), on the president, and which thereby validates him. The mutual reception between Jupiter and Mercury will play a defining and unusual  role in Trump’s presidency. Quite possibly, it will be because of the media’s attentions that the baby Trump survives infancy.







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Quadruple Nullity

What is so shocking is the great number of intelligent people who have subscribed to the meme that the “Russians hacked the election”.

This is a double and even a triple and quadruple nullity. The proof that this was a hack and not a leak has not even been established. Why haven’t the 17 intelligence agencies (do we need 34 intelligence agencies; would that help?), at this late hour, made a cogent case based on publicly available facts? O, right, national security!

And even if the Russians hacked the DNC and phished Podesta and gave the emails to Assange- who would then be lying, as he has denied this, SO WHAT? Is laying bare Hillary’s and the Democratic Party’s machinations such a horrible crime? Really.

And if this is such a horrible act of cyber espionage, why did Obama sit on this for well over a month, until after Hillary LOST the election, to then become so alarmed that he is now going nuts with retaliation? Might it be because his anointed successor, “the most qualified person ever to run for the presidency”, unexpectedly lost? (And if she was so qualified, why then did she lose? Ergo- because she was hacked!)

And so how does this hacking and phishing of email accounts remotely compare to the proximate history of CIA and political meddling in foreign elections and the invasion and overthrow of sovereign governments and the death and misfortune of millions?

The utter stupidity of this narrative is enough to make not only Putin laugh, but anyone with half a brain and a sense of political humor laugh hysterically until Jesus appears on a flying carpet.

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Hannibal Lecters

The Hannibal Lecters declined to savage the election of the neofascist Baby Trump. Who is to blame for this rabid indifference?

Democracy’s snarling assassins are legion, and slink everywhere. Who placed Baby Trump on his gold potty to reign as enfant térrible? What media served as his dotting nurse, and who gave him thousand dollar lollypops to suck and toss at will? These are the questions we have to ask.

Baby Trump slung his diaper at 17 republican contenders with such wild abandon that, in the confusion, they ran straight into the flying shit. How did this happen to such patricians? Scion of the great Bush dynasty, Jeb Bush, the former governor of the sinking state of Florida, with the energy and panache of a slug, how did he not even poll at 3%? How was this disaster contrived? We must not rest until the facts illumine us.

Such republican illuminati, the combined voltage of which would not electrocute a fly- how did they come to naught? How did the light flicker out and plunge us into whining despair?

And then came the democrats. Queen Fracking Hillary Kissinger Sachs robed in all her glory! The train of her coronation gown stretched with a polyester smirk from New York to Washington for all to applaud, years before the election! Who was it that ran against her? What was his name? The media blackout was so tremendous, and Hillary’s fossil fuel halo so blindingly greasy, no one can remember. The $50,000 plate celebrity dinners were so dazzling, who cares? A nobody, a laughable nobody! A Jew from Brooklyn. What a joke!

Bernie, the only electable democratic candidate. And the only democratic candidate with a vision for a just America. The only candidate that would have thrashed the orangutan Trump. But dumped in a back alley by MSM, marginalized by the DNC, while the orangutan was feted on a corporate stage every night of the neon week, until Baby Trump’s gesticulations were all that the media played.

The fear. The fear of the orangutan beating his chest and thumping his thumb.

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Donald Trump- reign of the carny huckster

The virtual reality president elect is as sharp as P.T. Barnum, who observed that a sucker is born every moment. The cruel truth is that this not only describes America of the hoary past, but also of the recent past, and present.

DT is a reprise, on the national stage, of the familiar carny huckster. But this is not because “the Donald” was wily enough to strategize the opportunity as much as it is the result of a decades long political devolution. Both the Democratic and Republican Parties suffer from dementia, the latter more so. Both parties completely failed to gauge the prevailing populist winds swirling across America. But the Republican Party was “lucky” to pick a carny candidate whereas the democrats chose a despised elite. Not surprisingly, the hustler proved more genuine than gilded speech.

Now, Hillary should have won on the basis of the popular vote. But a big part of the ongoing political stupidity in America is that, despite the Gore loss in 2000 for the same reason, the Electoral College gives more weight to the rural as opposed to the urban vote, and so threw it to Trump. Once again, white America- both men and women, relatively uneducated, gave the election to the carnival barker.

That America does not have a political learning curve is a scary thing. But the Electoral College is the least of our problems. There are so many reasons why elections in America aren’t free and fair. Our democracy has become more and more rigged despite the progress in civil and voting rights. And both Parties are responsible. In short, corporate lobbyists rule the nation.

So, it is altogether fitting that a billionaire carny has barked his way to the presidency. He is the fulfillment of American hustle on the national stage. That he should turn out to favor Russia’s Putin on the basis- not of socialism, but of crony capitalism, is no surprise at all. Both believe that money is power, and that power rules the earth.

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The black snake winds around the Missouri

The black snake winds around the Missouri
and chokes the Sioux Nation with misery.

Black venom slithers across sacred land,
but water Protectors make a last stand.

Bullets and burning gas- grenades explode;
Big Fist shoots water canon in bitter cold.

Protectors hold fast, covered with red ice:
Love is strong medicine against avarice.

The treaties lie broken like twisted bodies
whose spirits rise in strong and pure cries.

The Big White Chief living in Washington-
has his heart gone black with forked tongue?

Darvish sings to the wind: carry my song
to those to whom truth and courage belong.

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Donald Trump’s Indian Astrological Chart


This is evidently DT’s birth chart. Born June 14th, 1946 in Jamaica, Queens at 10:54am.

He has Leo rising, with the Sun the chart ruler. It is placed in the 10th house conjunct Rahu (the lunar north node). It is also conjunct Uranus. Importantly, he was born under a full Moon and thus has the Moon conjunct Ketu, (the lunar south node), in the 4th house. This alone creates an extremely powerful and public destiny.

Mars, the “power planet” for Leo ascendant, is conjunct the ascendant, conferring extreme martial combativeness and astonishing success. It rules the 4th and 9th houses, implying in this case that the world is his oyster: the 4th house is the home and the 9th is the world.

But wait: Jupiter, the planet of luck by nature, and in the case of DT’s chart, by rulership of the 5th house, the house of politics and kingship, is in the 2nd house of wealth and trines the Sun in the 10th, conferring unbelievable karmic destiny.

The Sun conjunct Rahu in the 10th house confers tremendous and insatiable desire. The 10th is public destiny. Rahu is the “planet” of desire. Uncontrollable desire. Mars in the Ascendant strengthens the Moon in the 4th by aspect and also confers ravenous desire and energy, as the Moon represents the mind. The Moon in the 4th creates a powerful attachment to home. He will live in a castle from which he will seek to rule the world.

But the Moon, despite being a full Moon and extremely powerful, is conjunct Ketu- the “planet” of interiority, and weirdness. It also rules insanity. The powerful aspect from Mars intensifies the weirdness of Ketu, and renders it malign- and even malignant. The Moon receives aspects from all three of the fiery planets: the Sun, Mars and Ketu, and is in Scorpio, the sign of its fall, rendering his emotional nature as a direct result of his parenting, monstrous. Mars “disposits” the Moon- conveys its extreme debility to the ascendant, where its powerful malignancy becomes irrepressible.

The mother is not well represented. The Moon represents the mother, as does the 4th house. Both are terribly afflicted, as described above.

But women in general, and wives in particular, are very poorly represented. The 7th house rules the spouse which is signified by Saturn. Saturn is conjunct Venus in the 12th house, in the sign Cancer. Saturn represents hardship to begin with, and the 12th house is a house of suffering. Venus is the planet of conjugal love and beauty, and all that is refined in life; it is completely devastated, extremely alienated and suppressed. Saturn also rules the 6th house of enemies which implies that spouses become the bitterest of enemies if other factors conspire. Here, we have not just a conspiracy- but a murderous revenge theme in the making. Things are not what they seem.

Jupiter is in the 2nd house of family and preserves the status quo as long as it’s influence remains dominant.

Luckily, for DT, he has just entered a planetary karmic period dominated by Jupiter which will last for 12 years. He will be protected for this period because of the disposition of Jupiter. It “turned direct” on the day of his birth rendering it extremely powerful and, as mentioned, it trines the Sun which rules the Ascendant (the body).

But Jupiter also rules the 8th house; this is the house of secrets and manipulation. It rules intrigue and death. It is the house of dark arts, if other factors conspire to create  a negative and unstable mind. President elect Trump does not have a stable mind, as already described. He will be capable of tremendous behind the scenes meddling, and much worse.

The “public” in DT’s chart, represented by the Moon and by Saturn, lord of the 6th and 7th, is easily regarded as the enemy: the public will never be trusted, just as DT will never trust women. The public and women will never be anything but passing friends or allies. DT is deeply suspicious of the public and will exert all of his considerable strength and cunning to manipulate it.

His allies will be the police and the military as they are ruled by Mars, his “power planet”, and by corporatists and bankers, ruled by Jupiter. DT is now especially influenced by financial elites, and significant support from them should be forthcoming.

DT is strongly marked by Uranus, the planet of unexpected and sudden outcome. Uranus confers unpredictability- and often instability. Uranus strongly influences both DT’s will and mood. He will often reverse positions in a blink of an eye with great drama and confidence.

DT hates to be contradicted and is capable of tremendous resentment due to his extremely defensive emotional nature. He will always seek to crush his opponents. His great sadness is that fantastic wealth and success will never bring him happiness, and women will betray him.

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An Obitituary for Lady Klinton Kissinger Sachs

An Obituary for Lady Klinton Kissinger Sachs

We are grieved to announce on November 8th the passing of Lady Klinton Kissinger Sachs, the standard bearer for the Democratic Neoliberal Party. She worked tirelessly for many decades for the interests of corporate America; she held many distinguished positions in her lifetime of venal service, including serving as a member of the board of directors of the Walmart Corporation, which is incidentally the nation’s largest purveyor of weaponry.

She was married to the greatest American neoliberal of all time, William Jefferson Clinton, whose myriad sexual liaisons are a patriotic homage to his namesake.

She was additionally a US Senator who bravely voted for the illegal “Shock and Awe” invasion of a sovereign nation, Iraq, in the quixotic search for weapons of mass distraction. This was a great benchmark in American comatose deliberations on matters of national security.

As Secretary of State under the Oreo Cookie Presidency of Barack Obama, she sold more weaponry to despotic regimes, including Saudi Arabia and Israel, than any previous administration. At the same time, she earned the sobriquet, “Queen of Fracking”, for her devoted sale of corporate extractive technology to numerous european nations.

She was and remains the undying and eternal friend of Zionist Apartheid, whose claim to all of the lands contiguous with Israel on the basis of ancient historical right, is surely one of her greatest endorsements and prevarications.

Her service to pay for play philanthropy in the celebrated Clinton Foundation is a story that will be related among friends in hushed whispers until such time as the FBI completely loses interest in her mendacity.

Her great friendship with Dr Kiss-of-Death Henry Kissinger resulted in his receiving a Distinguished Service Award from the Obama White House; few awards in modern American history are more uncontroversial than this medal for unprecedented mayhem and havoc in Indochina and Latin America.

Finally, her great service to Wall St. can be amply attested to by the fact no speaker has ever been so well paid for such short speeches to such an unworthy cabal of bloodsuckers than Lady Klinton Kissinger Sachs.

Her distinguished political career came to an unexpected and sudden end in loosing to the greatest political turd in the history of mankind, her erstwhile friend, “The Donald”.

Like Tricky Dick Nixon, we will sorely miss kicking her around.

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