ghazal #62 divan-e-hafez

This good messenger who arrived from the friend’s place,
And who brought the friend’s musky letter which revives

Joyfully gives signs of the companion’s beauty and power,
So that in our search the heart has hope of the friend.

I gave him my heart for the news, but was ashamed
Of the bad coin strewn for sake of the friend.

Thank god for the assistance of skillful fate
That the friend’s care and concern is according to love.

What choice do the turning sphere and changing moon have?
They revolve on account of the friend’s authority.

If a ferocious wind should smash the two world’s together,
We, the eye’s candle and longing for the friend will remain.

Bring me, o dawn breeze, the precious kohl
Of that blest dirt the friend has walked upon.

If the enemy speaks of Hafez’s intention- so what!
By grace of god, I am not ashamed of the friend!




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