Ghazal #83 divan-e-hafez, khanlari. Happy New Year!

If your musk scented curls committed a sin- it’s gone;
and if your hindu mole has wrought havoc- it’s gone!

If the flash of love should burn those dressed in wool- burnt;
and if the shah’s cruelty has ruined a beggar’s life- ruined!

If the heart has suffered the beloved’s coyness- it’s passed;
and of all that comes and goes between heart and lover- it’s over!

Great vexation arises from those who gossip, but
when curse and cant subside from friends- it’s gone!

In the way of love, keep the heart calm- and bring wine;
all sin, you see, when clarity comes, is gone!

Stand fast, O heart, and endure the play of love;
if blame occurred, and if mistake was made, it’s all gone!

Don’t blame Hafez, o preacher, for he’s left the khanegah-
the feet of the free are not bound, and if gone– gone!

notes: khanegah = sufi center



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