ghazal #306 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

return, o saqi, for i am desirous of your attention.
i am longing for counsel and prayer for my well being.

by the grace of the cup of your bright happiness,
show me the way out of my dark confusion.

although i have drowned a hundred times in the ocean of sin,
when i became known to love, i joined the people of mercy.

don’t blame me for rendi and a bad name, o hakim-
this was written long ago in the book of my fate!

drink wine, because the state of love is not by trade or choice-
this gift came by inheriting my very own genius.

i, who have never chosen to leave my place,
from the love of seeing you, now desire to travel.

the way of sea and mountain, and i weak and tired-
o khezar of the bless’ed foot, embolden my resolve!

outwardly, i am far from the wealth of the friend’s palace-
but in heart and soul, i am with those who dwell in his presence.

hafez will surrender his soul before your eyes-
this is my thought, if my life will grant me respite!

notes: khezar= the imortal guide whose footprints turn green.
hakim= a learned and wise person.




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