no man knows his father…

no man knows his father, says the poet homer;
all epic struggle seeks to discover one’s donor.

“who am i” was the original conception:
all subsequent answers have been a deception.

this initial whim is full of great frustration:
life after life renews the answer to one question.

we all long to return to where it all began:
the mother of all wombs and the cosmic bang!

don’t bother with tracing your adoption service;
we are all ragged orphans crying out for bliss.

sad darvish feels abandoned by his creator,
as he receives an embrace from his dear savior!




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2 Responses to no man knows his father…

  1. Mike Gannett says:

    One might also say… life after life reviles the question with one answer.

    Ten days ago, after leaving Stell and her Dad off at Logan, I took Lewis out to dinner. The name of the restaurant was Ghazal. Lewis and I churned out a few…orally. Alas, I’ve not devined the inner working of our Dad, much less his spouse! My journey can pretty much be summed up like so…

    In from the incoming ocean
    And over the island floor
    The tide climbs in slow motion
    Covering more and more
    Reef and lagoon and shore.
    Finally it reaches its tallest
    What is its logic then?
    To curse fate, as would men,
    That it must come down again.
    The tide fulfilled I am learning
    Is in its forever returning
    Here is its bond with the beach
    Here is the truth beyond speech.

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