ghazal #129 divan-e-hafez, khanlari

The Sufi set a trap and began playing his tricks-
he set a footing of deceit for the sky’s sleight of hand.

But the play of the juggler broke the egg on his hat:
he tried his tricks on those who know the secret.

Come, o Saqi, for the beautiful beloved of the Sufis
has again returned all adorned and now begins to flirt.

Where is this minstrel from who plays in the mode of Iraq,
but whose melody has returned by the way of Hejaz?

Come, o heart, for we are seeking protection in god,
from that which the short in sleeve but long in arm has done!

Don’t dissimulate- because whoever has been played at love
has had the door of truth shut in the heart’s face!

Tomorrow, when the court of truth presents the evidence,
that traveler will be shamed whose actions were profane.

O partridge with the strutting gait- where are you going, stop:
don’t be deceived that the pious one’s cat has prayed!

Hafez, don’t blame the Rend, because since the very beginning
God has created us with no need for pious hypocrisy!

notes: minstrel…by way of Hejaz= “who is the one parading
the fact of having returned from the hajj”?




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