our lifestyle based on energy has so empowered desire,

our lifestyle based on energy has so empowered desire,
we delight to celebrate our deadly greed with nuclear fire.

we have been led on by our own outrageous demands,
that have become accepted as normal across the land.

quality of life now means the satisfaction of weird wants,
even though good air, water and food are no longer extant.

the christ in us has been bullied by greed into hiding-
wall street has gilded a bull to receive our tithing.

we can’t guzzle gas fast enough to power our cars,
not to mention rocketing our phallic dreams on to mars.

to break free from the gravity of earth is our ambition,
and live in frozen and airless space without nutrition!

this race toward suicide is not without keen humor;
we will meet aliens at last when we grow green tumors!

walking is darvish’s first and last love. he would much rather
massage the aching body of his loving earth mother!

italics: francis brabazon




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