the fire of digestion is god’s gift to proud man;

the fire of digestion is god’s gift to proud man;
without a good shit man lives his life on the can!

prometheus stole the fire that bound him to rock;
daily, the eagle tears his liver and courage mocks.

to digest experience is the human condition:
to not crap it out is most foul and original sin.

think of your friends who suffer from constipation;
how many of them confide about such with elation?

the root of honesty is never to strain for the truth;
it should be smooth and easy, never hard or uncouth.

agni is a precious gift that must be well tended;
neglect it and your bowels will be terribly offended.

this present age is a time of unnatural behavior;
the toilet has become our throne and holy savior!

darvish praises the god of culture for his sacrifice;
to squat and take a perfect shit is worth the price!





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