Gestapo In The Window

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We can no more escape karma than leap past our shadow:
This life is the projection of the mind’s very own gestapo.

The secret police document everything. In fact, they script
Not only behavior, but monitor even secrets well kept.

They have spies everywhere- among family and good friends,
Who write down everything, and then just smile and pretend!

My guess is that they learn their craft from aliens, who practice
Abduction, interrogation and subtle surgery. We are like mice.

Don’t trust psychiatrists! They give out horse-killing drugs
Disguised as candy. They are no better than Armani thugs.

Listen- karma is a bitch and mad as snake-filled shadows
That can’t be trusted like Tricky-Dick Nixon at my window!

We need help. My friend Darvish knows this guy whose Silence
Is so ferocious, these jerks look laughable and pretentious!













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