Crazy my love for the Lover beyond reproach

Crazy my love for the Lover beyond reproach;
Alas for the heart that drinks her poison hooch!

She gave me her lips again and again, but now
I can’t remember who, or when, or where, or how!

My memories have all gone the way of vagrant dust:
All my thought stumbles about in the swirling past.

I dance with a Jinn who has stolen my rhythm,
And leads me about with an alcoholic spin!

But her eyes! They are lies; yes they are lies that cheat
And inspire me to drink yet again with glances sweet!

All my life lies between her lips and my divan;
Her taste lingers and excites- but the sober yawn!

The fault, my dear, does not lie with the beloved,
But with the artless Darvish drunk and decrepit!










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2 Responses to Crazy my love for the Lover beyond reproach

  1. Darvish Saheb,
    I’ve not been reading your blogged poems for very long, but must say I like this one best among those seen so far. Fare forward!


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