Ghazal #385 Divan-e-Hafez, Khanlari

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Praise the Celtic Fire!

Drink a bottle of Hafez!

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God bless you, drink after drink!



منم که شهره شهرم به عشق ورزیدن
منم که دیده نایالوده ام به بد دیدن

I am the one famous all over town for making love;
I am the one whose sight remains pure in doing bad.

In wine worship, I have drowned my image in water
That I annihilate the mirror of self-regard.

We are faithful but incur blame- yet remain happy-
Because in our religion to worry is the infidel.

I asked the wine-house master, what is the path of bliss?
He raised a glass of wine and said, “sealing the lips”.

By the wit of his downy cheek, learn to love his face;
For what joy it is to wander among beauty’s vagaries!

Gazing at the world’s garden- what does the heart desire?
To pick flowers from your cheek with the eye’s fingers!

We turn the reins from this assembly over to the wine-house,
Because, by God, we believe in sincere preaching!

I am secure in the mercy of your head of curls;
Without such allure, what’s the point of my striving?

Hafez, kiss only the beloved’s and wine glass’s lips,
For it is a great sin to kiss the ascetic’s hand of denial!




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