Are We Happy Now? (A riposte to the ether)

“Are We Happy Now” sounds like a refrain of the Jai Ho Club, although I have to confess, I’m not really sure. As to the quandary of how to respond to a Trustee of the AMBPPCT- falsely advertised as the “head of the Trust,” seeking funds through a Facebook account for lovers of Avatar Meher Baba, to get from one coast of America to another while here on holiday, well, I have this to say: rubbish!

But I have a suggestion- a really good one I think, to help resolve the several problems occasioned by this dubious fundraising. And that would be to float the idea of a coast to coast “Walkathon.” Yes, that’s right- an across America video documentary of M. K. and his promoter, K. C., walking from California to South Carolina raising funds, a dollar per mile per pledge, for the Darvish Khan Legal Defense Fund. As some of you may know, poor Darvish Khan has been threatened with lawsuits originating in India for his very big and loud mouth. Enough said about that.

This idea has the additional and superlative benefit of improving M’s English on the long walk to Meher Spiritual Center. His companion is an ace editor and English maven who, by the time they reach South Carolina, will no doubt have properly educated this hapless expert in Marathi-Hinglish. He will be assured of a very warm and appreciative welcome, regardless of what he has to say, because he will at least be understood. Thank you in advance, K. C.!

One last note: it occurs to me that as this pair of happy hikers are walking through Oklahoma, they might find a window of opportunity to receive support from M’s family for all the troubles taken on Darvish Khan’s behalf.

I trust we are all happy now,
Notoriously Yours,
Bill Gannett





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7 Responses to Are We Happy Now? (A riposte to the ether)

  1. Kiki says:

    hah hah I think – oh my Baba! This is just more reason they need to toss that guy and that guy.

  2. bill gannett says:

    Maybe someone should be rolled down Meherabad Hill in a barrel?

  3. bill gannett says:

    And let Padri deal with him!

  4. bill gannett says:

    This idea has bounce factor! Walkathon has no bounce!

  5. Kiki says:

    which facebook page was this on?

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