In this land of “winner takes all,” greed has dominion

In this land of “winner takes all,” greed has dominion
Over all who yearn for the treasure of Mega Millions!

How we worship the virtual triumph of Survivor-
Whose teeth evolve to resemble a saber tooth tiger!

The fantasy of evil plotting against our way of life
Is so real, paranoia has become our greatest strife.

In this last stand of publicly traded democracy,
The War Machine commands more than half the economy.

State-based terrorism will give way to bright compassion,
When We The People give the torch to our self-deception.

We forgot how to bless our work with our own inspired hands,
And Darvish despairs that greed now rules over all the sweet land.

The Sun of Spirit is rising on the world’s horizon,
Spilling bloody roses bright with the Master’s compassion.


















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