Ghazal #36, from Ghazals For The Friend, by Bill Gannett

We call out your name as we lift the glass of desire;
Ages have past, but the heart does not burst into fire!

Speech cannot find the words to offer an excuse-
The mind is too busy with the business of refuse.

We fall on our knees and lift our hands high in praise;
We purify our thought of all but you to fill our days.

All plan and purpose have passed away into nothing;
We yearn to hear the Silence that is forever lasting.

The blue sky and green earth meet in some distant place-
Someday, everywhere we will delight in your embrace.

There are mighty seas to cross in ten thousand ships;
But where is the Beloved, and where are her red lips?

Why is it that Darvish’s best friends are bottle and glass?
Her splashing voice and sweet lips cannot be surpassed!





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