Ghazal #97 from Ghazals For The Friend, by Bill Gannett

This life of consumerism is a contract inspired by Faust:
We sold our soul for desire, but now the mind is accursed!

With pleasure comes pain as surely as cats’ play with mice;
Our pursuit of desire has rebounded as a dreadful farce:

In this market economy regaled as a noble rat-race,
We are the rodents competing on a wheel turning in place.

Our corporate experiment is about socializing greed;
It is a winner-takes-all approach regardless of need.

Big Fist and the Fat Cats have all the fun running the show;
The rest of us run in place to make their profits grow.

It was the glint of gold in our eyes that dug such a deep grave;
It is the light of love in our hearts that we so deeply crave.

Darvish must consider how to attain research fame,
By learning how to make rats and cats chant God’s name.




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