Darvish Talks To Nosh Anzar, Part 3




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One Response to Darvish Talks To Nosh Anzar, Part 3

  1. Darvish saheb,
    This happens to be the first in your “Conversations with Nosh” series I’ve taken the time to watch. Your skills as a comedian came as a complete surprise. The Clint Eastwood (“empty chair”) debate meme seems to lurk in the background of the form, while the content you invest in it is, of course, unique and highly specific. Speaking to just one stray strand in the mass, I’m not aware Bhau is widely supposed to be a Perfect Master; but like many (outlandish ergo latched onto) underlying premises deftly drawn, you weave this item of presumed or implied conventional wisdom into the ludicrous garland your narrative imagination allows (all from raw data seemingly discovers at hand). How far can you take this most peculiar literary feat? None but time might tell.
    In short, I didn’t anticipate the satirical dimensions of your mini-series.

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