Ghazal #94 from Ghazals For The Friend, by Bill Gannett

No man lives the anguish of living without love
And survives. He leaps off a bridge without a shove.

We cry and cry to feel a loving hand in ours;
No man wants to die alone in his last hour.

The name of God is the Friend present here and now;
His sweet breath revives the waking dead with ciao!

The friendliness of beloved God is miraculous:
The blind upon seeing his Beauty are incredulous.

The Lord appears in our heart when called with feeling;
Recalled at length the Beloved remains compelling.

We must believe in the sincerity of our anguish-
Sooner or later, we will in any case perish!

Darvish is afraid of heights and can barely swim;
The Master is a monster ocean waiting for him.




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