An Open Letter To Nosh Anzar of Beloved Archives

After receiving several email newsletters/ solicitations from Beloved Archives over the past year or so, and having responded  to them, I nonetheless have several outstanding questions about the exact nature of the work you purport to do.

You are endlessly soliciting funds for your archival work, and also for what you strangely and obnoxiously call “The Beloved’s Day of Prayer”, which appears to be a thinly disguised annual fundraising event timed with the Thanksgiving holiday. WHAT is this all about? In my nearly 40 years as a Baba lover, I have not witnessed anything more weird or obnoxious. (Like, Nosh, we really, really do need you as a paid intercessor- especially in light of your self described genius for fervent prayer!)

Why don’t you read and heed Meher Baba’s Last Warning? – i.e., “don’t mix piety with divinity”.

Please take the time to explain how you justify raiding relics and artifacts from behind the back of the UK Baba Group? You say Pete Townsend gave them to you- but this is a disingenuous lie. Mehera and Delia gave these items to a Baba Center hosted at the time by Pete, but which then closed. These items, however, were and are the precious property of the UK Baba lovers. You are fully aware of this fact, and have not publicly accounted for what was an opportunistic theft!

What is all this hyperbole about you and the UN? What does this have to do with archival work? Evidently, you rented a room and gave a rambling speech to maybe 20 students for 25 minutes with vague references to global warming but with special reference to your connection with Meher Baba. Do you want a lecture fee or applause for this? You must be kidding!

Who are the Board of Directors of Beloved Archives? What role do they have in overseeing the integrity of the work you do? Do you or a family member receive monies for work done for Beloved Archives? How much? Are answers to such questions readily available?


Bill Gannett

PS- Please post your reply to my concerns to my blog so we can have a public discussion of this matter.













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  1. bill gannett says:

    Nosh, where are you? How did the voluble wunderkind become mute? Are you busy counting coin?

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