Ghazal #396 Divan-e-Hafez, Khanlari

On the ranks of the Rend cast your glance- better than this!
Beat a path to the winehouse’ door- better than this!

In all truth, I swear that the grace your lip commands
Is excellent, but a bit more would be- better than this!

To he whose thought loosens the world’s knots- say:
In this subtle matter, marshal a view- better than this!

What shall I do but give my heart to that precious youth:
The mother of time has not a son- better than this!

My advisor said, what, other than grief, does love possess;
Go, O learned one, what great skill is- better than this?

When I say, drink the glass and kiss the saqi’s lips,
Listen, my dear, because no one says it- better than this!

The sweetest branch of sugar cane is Hafez’s pen. Take it-
For in this garden you will find no fruit- better than this!




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One Response to Ghazal #396 Divan-e-Hafez, Khanlari

  1. bill gannett says:

    This ghazal features a radif, a repeating phrase, that follows the rhyme (which is not represented here). In the first beyt (couplet), the speaker boldly draws attention to his vocation as a Rend, a divine rogue, whose occupation is drinking wine. In the next beyt, he praises the beloved’s lips- but wants more of them. The third beyt is a sardonic reference to some self-important egghead, whose view of such matters is lacking. In the fourth beyt, the beloved is likened to a handsome youth beyond compare. The fifth beyt states that the primary quality of love is suffering. In the sixth beyt, he again refers to the saqi and his lips. In the last beyt, Hafez expresses his opinion of his own work.

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