Ghazal #42 from Ghazals For The Friend

Step after step we track you searching for some sign;
The salt of our tears burns our throat as your sweet wine.

We bear your living presence in our longing heart-
But your curls and dancing eyes, we can’t live without!

Farhad dug through rock to one day find his Shireen;
We breathe your name in hope that beauty’s form be seen.

Pale dawn broke and washed the eyes with shards of light
With the promise to blind desire to all but your sight.

We know we must renounce the lie of our own fiction;
We know we must die to our every conception.

The Friend’s warm hand will reach out and touch ours,
When breath strings his name into a garland of flowers.

With each step Darvish finds a clue in the wise earth;
Breathing, he longs to die and in his smile find rebirth.




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