The Selling of Meherabad (by Baba lovers)

This Facebook post by Judy Stephens is of pressing interest to all Baba lovers, and I repost it here on my blog for review for that reason.

“Yesterday, I saw the construction going on right in the open space next to Hostel-D and the MPC, up to the Karawalla fence and over to Ramesh Jangle’s house; a stone fence that blocks the back dirt road leading to the Aragaon village behind the MPC. This construction is by a developer! It seems there were two or three early Western residents who lived here for many years, being around the Mandali all that time, who had purchased the property in the early days (for very little money). The Trust at that time was not allowed to own much land, so residents bought land around Meherabad as it became available, this way to protect Meherabad. Well, it seems two of the owners were Gary Kliener and Jack Small. I was told the land was offered to the Trust, but the Trust could not afford the current market price (land cost here is now a few hundred thousand dollars an acre). The Trust could pay what the market price was 10 years ago. This was not good enough to the resident owners (none live here anymore), they wanted the current market price–so they sold it to a developer. I felt like crying when I saw the wall fence blocking the back road. I know it is not my business, but why was profit more important to them then protecting Meherabad?! They lived here all those years! They lived with the Mandali all those years! I don’t understand how they could not care more about Meherabad than the extra profit they made selling to a developer. We all live on Earth such a short time— Meherabad is for the whole world! My heart feels sick and crying! Also, why did they not give Baba lovers a chance to donate money to the Trust to cover the difference in the cost of the land. I know the money would have been raised. Why? Why? Why?”

The selling of Meherabad is in right earnest- with very heady profit to be made indeed. It is heartening to witness those who lived and served at Meherabad with such toil to finally make a handsome return on their selfless service of so many years. No doubt “The Kleiner” deserves at last, after decades of improvisation, to finally make a deal. This is his crowning moment, and we should all brashly applaud.






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