A Second Opinion

Rumbling and rumbling in the swirling gyre
Rhetoric cannot hear the demagogues;
Things fall apart; words snarl with vertigo;
Mere bombast is flushed upon the world,
A tsunami of hubris is loosed, and everywhere
The pretense of intelligence is drowned.
The best lack all sensibility, while the worst
Are full of execrable opinion.

Surely some pundit will raise a hand;
Surely a Second Opinion is at hand.
A Second Opinion! Hardly are these words out
When a vast miasma of noxious methane
Asphyxiates the land: waste upon waste;
An orangutan body and the head of a businessman,
A gaze and ass both blank and stupid
Straining to have a turgid thought, while
Hungry rats scurry in delight.

Darkness drops like a sodden blanket
And twenty days of stony straining
Are vexed to nightmare by a wracking motion;
And what rough beast, its hour come at last
Triumphantly passes from thought into birth?




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