Neoliberalism meets floating ice.

Bernie was never prepared to carry his revolution all the way to the presidency. He was never prepared to critique the corporate/ military establishment as the other half of neoliberalism. Our corporatocracy depends on the War Machine to keep humming.

His most eloquent supporter, Robert Reich, convincingly supported Bernie’s assertions about our venal political economy, but he also has never mentioned the War Machine as a central problem in the reformation of income and wealth inequality.

Hillary and Trump, with some differences, argue for the opposite: America can never be strong enough to counter our enemies. The longest war in American history continues with fervor, and Hillary has promised to continue and even intensify Obama’s Terror Wars.

The quaint idea that Bernie left his movement with, i.e. that the revolution will continue within the Democratic Party, is laughable. Neoliberalism is like the Titanic cruising toward its destiny, and neither party has the slightest interest in deflecting its course.

Jill Stein is the only presidential candidate who has developed a campaign platform that articulates the desperate need to cut the military budget by 50%, power the economy with a massive green jobs program, commit to 100% renewables by 2030 and liberate students from onerous and usurious debt perpetrated by the government itself.

Trump and Hillary are the two sides of the same coin. Trump is the neofascist reaction to neoliberal stupidity. If Hillary wins in November, another neofascist will rise- a Ted Cruz with real tail and horns, and will probably win. And of course screaming liberals will clamor for progressives, once again, to shut up.

Neoliberalism will never be able to navigate the myriad icebergs floating down from the Antipodes as a result of global warming. The vast hulk of infernal greed is going down.




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