An Obitituary for Lady Klinton Kissinger Sachs

An Obituary for Lady Klinton Kissinger Sachs

We are grieved to announce on November 8th the passing of Lady Klinton Kissinger Sachs, the standard bearer for the Democratic Neoliberal Party. She worked tirelessly for many decades for the interests of corporate America; she held many distinguished positions in her lifetime of venal service, including serving as a member of the board of directors of the Walmart Corporation, which is incidentally the nation’s largest purveyor of weaponry.

She was married to the greatest American neoliberal of all time, William Jefferson Clinton, whose myriad sexual liaisons are a patriotic homage to his namesake.

She was additionally a US Senator who bravely voted for the illegal “Shock and Awe” invasion of a sovereign nation, Iraq, in the quixotic search for weapons of mass distraction. This was a great benchmark in American comatose deliberations on matters of national security.

As Secretary of State under the Oreo Cookie Presidency of Barack Obama, she sold more weaponry to despotic regimes, including Saudi Arabia and Israel, than any previous administration. At the same time, she earned the sobriquet, “Queen of Fracking”, for her devoted sale of corporate extractive technology to numerous european nations.

She was and remains the undying and eternal friend of Zionist Apartheid, whose claim to all of the lands contiguous with Israel on the basis of ancient historical right, is surely one of her greatest endorsements and prevarications.

Her service to pay for play philanthropy in the celebrated Clinton Foundation is a story that will be related among friends in hushed whispers until such time as the FBI completely loses interest in her mendacity.

Her great friendship with Dr Kiss-of-Death Henry Kissinger resulted in his receiving a Distinguished Service Award from the Obama White House; few awards in modern American history are more uncontroversial than this medal for unprecedented mayhem and havoc in Indochina and Latin America.

Finally, her great service to Wall St. can be amply attested to by the fact no speaker has ever been so well paid for such short speeches to such an unworthy cabal of bloodsuckers than Lady Klinton Kissinger Sachs.

Her distinguished political career came to an unexpected and sudden end in loosing to the greatest political turd in the history of mankind, her erstwhile friend, “The Donald”.

Like Tricky Dick Nixon, we will sorely miss kicking her around.




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  1. Hbj says:

    Pilllored by Darvish Bill, the other Bill quit pilloring her after Ms Flowers fought his amorous attempts.

  2. JeanaMarie says:

    Hey Bill, what humor you have! The one running the show, MB, must be feeling mischievous. Do
    you think?

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