Announcement of deletion of old post, “Trust Malfeasance…”

I am deleting from my website in 7 days the post “Trust Malfeasance…“, dated 4/02/2012, as I no longer have confidence in some of the assertions I made therein. I got caught up in the rumor mill, and I now regret that  I rashly reached unsupported conclusions. I apologize to Mehernath Kalchuri and his family.

I remain furious with AMBPPCT for its completely inept management of controversy in general, and specifically for its utter abdication of accepted standards of transparency, accountability and the removal of conflicts of interest from among its trustees, and most especially concerning the “Selling Of Meherabad And The Corruption of AMBPPCT.”

The facts that have now come to light support the assertion that the Trust has been deeply corrupted by two or more of its trustees having participated in a speculative real estate partnership with Gary Kleiner to sell Meherabad. It will be remembered that a presumed basis for Erico Nadel’s  murder was his investigation of shaunky Meherabad real estate transactions, and that this has been the primary basis on which I have blogged on this sordid subject.

I am completely dedicated to getting my facts right, and I will not rest until the Trust is held accountable for its sacred duty to preserve and protect Meherabad.





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  1. Bill,

    I’m gratified to hear about the turning of a leaf that you note vis-a-vis your thoughts concerning Mehernath Kalchuri. What you say here seems consistent with similar things I was lately hearing (although we did not discuss the topic in adequate depth) when I saw Clive Adams here in LA (at the recent Meherabode annual Sahavas) — and it oddly also conforms to the the change of heart that my old American friend known (on the internet) as Vishveshwar reported some while ago on his colorful blog, where for a long time he held forth with (what I perceived as apparently) paranoid perceptions of Mehernath, and yet he later quite changed his tune / had his mind changed, and concluded he had been seeing the chap seriously askew.

    When I say I’m gratified, I mean it’s satisfying when one learns that persons who harbored profoundly dark suspicions & agonizing, leaping conclusions may discover — and nicely own up to, as you do here — an error in their prior perceptions & formulations & thoughts & words. Mind you, I know zilch about all these matters. As for the malfeasance you still note & allege above, I likewise know zilch about that, but hope & trust these things may eventually settle in ways helpful & happy for the whole Meher Baba community & for all concerned.

    I applaud, as always, your dedication & dogged truth-search instincts, even though I’ve on several occasions felt the manner that dedication is focused & the ways that instinct are applied might need some serious course-adjustments here & there.

    God is the best course-adjuster! (to tweak an old adage).

    cheers & jai Meher Baba!

  2. bill gannett says:

    I installed a Facebook plugin above for an additional way to comment on my posts, but FB wouldn’t let me open an account as Darvish Khan- and locked me out of my old account! The vagaries of having an alter ego that doesn’t exist! So now I can’t comment using the FB option.

  3. bill gannett says:

    Kendra Crossen (see Facebook Comments above);

    “If you are “completely dedicated to getting [your] facts right,” shouldn’t you stop dealing in undocumented and libelous gossip?(“Reports state that Kleiner is conducting his illegal real estate transactions …. Also, it is rumored that this business concern provides the cover for … There are also reports of astonishing vulgarity …” June 13, 2017). I am aghast at the public trashing of your fellow Baba-lovers on a site that claims to be dedicated to Meher Baba and that pretentiously projects a Sufi-like identity in its design and content. This blog couldn’t be further from the Sufi code of honorable behavior, especially in relationship to one’s companions on the path. Your nastiness knows no bounds; your self-absorption is mind-boggling. (The “About” section for Meher Baba is 73 words long; for ‘Darvish Khan,’ 966 words.) Your apology is like a drop of wine in an ocean of vomit. All I can say is “Retch. Ecchh. Feh. Foo!”

    Dear Kendra Crossen;

    I got locked out of my FB account because they think Darvish Khan is a terrorist, and so I can’t reply using that plugin at the moment. You’re not the only one whose algorithms are shorting.

    I realize my blog post is challenging to many if not most of my readers. But this is a challenging subject. You can take umbrage if you like, or you can ask around and find out what you can from other sources. Perhaps the most intriguing thing about the scandal I refer to is how extraordinarily suppressed this story is. After all, Dadi’s parcel of land was sold two years ago but no one has raised a stink about it until now.

    This point is extremely suggestive of the mafia like nature of the Trust, as in omertà- code of silence. The story will come out in all its robust filth in time, and perhaps we can talk about it then.

    Also, dear Kendra, I have to disabuse you of a woeful ignorance: I have no pretension to being a sufi or to being sufi like. An attentive reader of my blog will have noticed that I champion the matchless poet Hafez as a rend- that is to say as a divine rogue. “Honorable behavior” has absolutely nothing to do with the relentless Hafezian dedication to Truth and Beauty. Maybe you have been reading too much Ladinsky. Rendi is what I aspire to in my ghazals and in my forays into gutter-truth, i.e. the present sordid humiliation of the Lord and Master. I know I am an abject student of the greatest poet in the Persian language (and perhaps in any language), but I try anyway. This is my path.

  4. bill gannett says:

    Hi Dina;

    I don’t have a problem with owning up to my mistakes. I am mad about getting it right. If I stumble and get it wrong, believe me- I stand up straight away to get it right. And now I am standing tall to get it right. The “Selling of Meherabad” will be exposed for all who have the guts to hear it. Please listen.

  5. bill gannett says:

    Dear Kendra (cont.);

    I forgot to address your point that my “about” section is 10 times longer than Baba’s “about” section on my blog header. Please don’t forget, dear Kendra, that I mostly write ghazals to the Friend on my blog- or have you even looked at my blog?

    In Baba, Darvish

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