Rumi quatrain, 419 Foruzanfar

I said, because of my longing for you, I’m nuts!
Do I see your chains of curls in my sleep, or not?
He replied, shut up! Why spin a yarn about this:
Crazy and asleep? What phooey, O one well taught!

Notes: Like the chains that restrain the insane, chains
of curls restrain the crazed lover. But as a rule, the crazy
are insomniacs!

گفتم که ز عشقت شدهم دیوانه
زنجیر ترا بخواب بینم یا نه
گفتا که خمش چند ازین افسانه
دیوانه و خواب خه خه ای فرزانه





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