I raise my glass to the only divine lover

I raise my glass to the only divine lover;
I drink to the dregs all the wine he offers.

There is no taste I prefer to his presence;
my eyes have no light save his effulgence.

I have no motion but for his rhythm:
all life springs from his ancient whim.

Hunger gnaws daily until beauty’s embrace-
all thirst is for sight of his compassionate face.

My tears are a lake I would gladly drown in,
but for the pity induced by such a sin.

My only hope is the pain of despair:
I will not find him until I forsake all care.

Darvish has no friend but the deep blue sky;
Yet, what he loves, always remains close by.

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Green grows the heart’s longing, vines on fire

Green grows the heart’s longing, vines on fire
Breathing your name in love’s ascending gyre.

Green grows the longing heart skyward, bright
Tongues of flame praising the sweet Word of light.

Your name, your bright name is our dawn laughter
That rises and resounds to announce the Master.

Starlight dreams its way into sleeping stone,
Becomes the gold hammered into your throne.

The car that carries you across the sky
Sings your bright name of mercy as it flies.

Meher is light spilling infinite bliss
On all galaxies throughout the universe.

The tangle of wild roses in Darvish’s heart
Have bloodied him with thorn and graceful art.

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Love spills like blood on the floor

Love spills like blood on the floor
as the vigilant snore and snore;
the nightmare goes on and on
until we scream, “no more, no more.”

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Top Five Ironic Proofs That Meher Baba Is the God-Man

1.”God Speaks”, the most significant modern cosmological and metaphysical treatise of our time, was published in 1955, but remains virtually unknown to both cognoscenti and layman alike. Only the God-Man could so effectively  suppress what is the new “Bible” for our intellectually and spiritually challenged age.

2. Meher Baba, the champion of iconoclasm, endorsed a sufi order called “Sufism                   Reoriented”, which claims to have extracted the promise from Baba that genuine            saints will guide the order for 700 years until Baba as the Prophet comes again; Only the God-Man would have willingly allowed this colossal and idiotic fuck-up to gain credence.

3. The “Selling of Meherabad”, a mere forty eight years after Baba passed away, could only have been effected by copy cat Judases with palm itch for coin gain, and a supporting flock of bleating sheep mouthing the Master’s name. This is indeed a “miracle”.

4. Only the Avatar, in his infinite mercy, could have inspired such a completely listless and soporific following of lovers to support a chairman dressed in white, flaunting the three rings of the Hindu trinity and mouthing Jai Ho instead of Jai Baba, with not even so much much as a dissenting sneer.

5. The best and most enduring ironic proof  that Meher Baba is the God-Man is the utter indifference of his lovers to public acceptance that the Prophet and Christ has again returned. This is his spectacular glory: that real love loves for the sake of love alone and couldn’t care less about his Manifestation.


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We have opened the door to our heart and let you in

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The American Book Of The Dead

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My Favorite Cafe in Berkeley, Ca.

This is one of my favorite cafés, the Mudraker’s Cafe, on fabled Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, Ca. Cognoscenti from all over the world meet here and discuss their work: Assange, Snowden, Darvish Khan and many more. Beautiful yoga women, mentored by the incomparable Uma Thurman, from the Yoga Tree studio next door protect us from detractors with their disarming smiles and flashing blades. Rick Chapman, let’s have coffee!

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O Shiva, how we long for your ecstatic dance

O Shiva, how we long for your ecstatic dance;
how we long for the end of our mayavic trance!

All the world rotting and little but a high stench;
when will the Master his fragrant grace relinquish?

All the ice melting drop by drop, but our thirst
increases more and more like some biblical curse.

This is the end of days, when man becomes a beast
and slays the child to provide for anger a raw feast.

If only greed were a burnt offering to fatten fire
to celebrate the rhapsodic death of brute desire!

Dance Shiva your fiery dance that ignites the heart
and burns from the mind the filth that keeps us apart.

Darvish longs for the Master’s sweet rhythmic embrace
as they dance in the inferno of the Master’s grace.


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The Selling Of Meherabad And The Corruption Of AMBPPCT

I have blogged before on “The Selling of Meherabad”, herehere and here, but this post supersedes previous posts. This story is not going away, despite countless Baba lovers having buried their heads in sand regarding it. This is a complex story, but I will try to be as concise and cogent as possible. No doubt much more information will come to light in time, but these are the basic facts.

About two years ago, a property of 3.75 acres at Lower Meherabad owned by the late Dadi Kerawala was given by his heirs to Gary Kleiner to monetize as Gary had placed a deposit on the land years before. Evidently, Dadi requested that this be done just before he died, although the property in question had not been paid for and had appreciated fantastically since the original agreement. The disposition of the property presented a problem as Kleiner is not an Indian citizen. An arrangement was made whereby the land was deeded directly into an Indian buyer’s name, and with Kleiner surreptitiously getting his cut. Ramesh Jangle was the dealmaker in this transaction. This property sold for a rumored $1,000,000.

Kleiner had been clandestinely investing in Meherabad properties for years when he was in service to Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust, with Jangle as his Indian partner and front man. Others have been part of their investment schemes, including Craig Ruff. Both Ramesh Jangle and Craig Ruff are currently Trustees of the Trust, although they may not have been Trustees when these investment properties were acquired. This point is murky because as much as 60- 70 acres of land are reportedly held by Jangle and his proxies, and we don’t know the details of these transactions, i.e. when they were procured, how they were procured, where the money came from and how many other investors are involved. The Dadi parcel was sold to a Jain developer who is planning to subdivide the property into approximately 80 lots, and perhaps serve as the contractor in building condos on them. This development will be adjacent to the old Pilgrim Centre on one side, and the historic Meherabad cremation grounds and Baba’s Flour Mill on the other side. The land in question was part of historic Meherabad, and the sale of the land and wall now enclosing it blocks access to a road that local villagers have used for well over a hundred years.

Why did the Trust allow this transaction to go down? This is an excellent question. Why did Dadi’s heirs not broker a deal that sold the land to the Trust for a fair price and which justly compensated Kleiner? Why did the Trust not object to the termination of an historic right of the villagers to access an ancient road (that at one time went all the way to Ahmednagar)? Above all, with respect to all the parties, why countenance the degradation of Lower Meherabad with condo squalor?

In fact, one account has it that Dadi originally procured this land with the understanding that he would deed it to the Trust when they were in a position to compensate him for it! So, what happened? This looks like a titanic fuck-up on the part of the Kerawalas, the Trust, Ramesh Jangle and Gary Kleiner. Obviously, this is all about spectacular greed and stupidity corrupting the better judgement of everyone involved. It is important to grok the fact that the Trust could have prevented this transaction, but chose not to.

This is not the only transaction that Kleiner has been involved in. He also acted as Jack Small’s agent in the sale of his property east of Lower Meherabad. Now, this may seem inconsequential on the face of it, but several illegal actions are implied: 1) He must arrange for the transfer of the property to a buyer who on paper will pay a fraction of the actual sale amount (so as to avoid taxes); 2) The transaction in rupees  must be converted into dollars on the black market for it to be remitted to the US and avoid a paper trail; 3) Couriers need to be solicited to convey the cash in amounts not greater than $10,000 to circumvent currency restrictions imposed by US Customs. There may be additional US and Indian laws that are broken in such transactions. Jack Small’s property reportedly sold for $500,000, half of which went to Kleiner.

Reports state that Kleiner is conducting his illegal real estate transactions from his office at Meherabad where he has a continuing business interest in partnership with Alan Wagner to provide food service to the Meher Pilgrim Retreat. Also, it is rumored that this business concern provides the cover for him to solicit pilgrims to serve as couriers to remit his proceeds to the US. Evidently, the couriers get a free round trip plane ticket out of the deal. There are also reports of astonishing vulgarity with which this business is conducted, i.e. interminable phone calls throughout the night at high volume which have necessitated pilgrims to lodge elsewhere; “holding court” in the MPR dining hall, etc.

Remember that Kleiner has as much as 60-70 acres of land in a silent partnership with Ramesh Jangle that, at current market valuation, is worth anywhere from $150,000  to $300,000 or more per acre. Also, keep in mind that the Trustees and many of the Meherabad residents are perfectly aware that Kleiner and Jangle, and perhaps Ruff and others, are involved in these transactions. How could this be countenanced? Why has the AMBPPCT not put a stop to such venal and predatory speculation?

Well, the Trust itself is compromised: at least two of its Trustees are involved to a greater or lesser degree. Thus, Kleiner and Jangle have carte blanche to conduct a real estate business that is not only illegal but severely obnoxious to the integrity of Meherabad and the sacred trust Baba has reposed in his lovers. And then there is evidently another reason: if there were to be an official police or government investigation into land transactions at Meherabad, it is possible that some past transactions  involving foreigners would be determined to be illegal, potentially affecting a great many Meherabad residents. According to this view, the Trust is reluctant to force the issue as the Meherabad status quo might be threatened by taking action against Kleiner and Jangle.

In conclusion, it should be noted that Kleiner has been quoted as saying, “I am no longer a Baba lover”, and  “What did Meher Baba ever do for me?” Also, Jangle is reportedly a member of the Hindu arch nationalist political party, Shiv Sena, presumably in an effort to develop a power base in his community. And the Trust; what about the Trust? The Trust has clearly become a paper tiger that many have come to disrespect and even hold in contempt.

Eruch Jessawala, in his last days when he came to hear of Kleiner’s speculation in Meherabad real estate, said, “Gary, I am very disappointed in you.”

Finally, I should pointedly state that the present discussion has little or nothing to do with the Kalchuris, who I may have implied in previous remarks  were implicated in suspect real estate transactions. But, to my knowledge, nothing on their part remotely compares to the “selling of Meherabad.”












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Surprise, surprise, surprise! Lucy of Olduvai Gorge is passé!

In a recent Guardian article we learn that modern man is much older than we thought! At least 100,000 years older than we thought! O my, the surprises that club us over the head! The scientific mythic narrative of Mother Lucy in Olduvai Gorge has to be revised in favor of a Moroccan Cave; this is so upsetting! And Lucy’s footprint was so beguiling!

What can we possibly say about the hubris of scientific materialism?

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