Choking On The Fumes Of Progress

The planet is choking to death, all because of “progress”. This is the anthropocentric irony: the world is coming to an end because of human ingenuity. It is instructive to reflect on the fact that the concept of progress relies on the exploitation of energy.

Blake said energy is eternal delight. But the empowerment of desire by the blaze of roaring global consumption of fossil fuels will destroy us all. The planet will go berserk because of our unbridled appetite. Everyone wants the good life, unaware that the good life is like a microwave drying the cat.





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Darvish Khan Replies To Critics

I have been accused of being a faux sufi- that is, a pretender to the sufi cloak. In fact, I have never worn the sufi cloak. Like Hafez, I disavow the robe of pretension; I spill wine on it every chance I get. As for all the high sounding confections about the brotherhood of Baba lovers, that one should never critique them as if we were all Zionist conspirators who must give absolute loyalty to a chauvinist pogrom- well, forget it!

I find this attitude absolutely disgusting. The Baba world is rife with predators, and the sooner this becomes accepted and publicly discussed, the better. The infantile notion that this would reflect badly on the Lord and Master- Meher Baba, is stupid beyond belief.

The truth will  always prevail, and attempts to conceal the filth that plagues our community so as to sanitize our reputation is vomit upon vomit.

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“The Fader” reports on Sufism Reoriented’s marble clad petrol domes

Here is the link to a new article on the cheesy spiritual organization called “Sufism Reoriented”. The marble clad petrol domes are back in the news. The fossil fuel halo of this occult and papal organization wants to impress us all with its fast food bravura.

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Announcement of deletion of old post, “Trust Malfeasance…”

I am deleting from my website in 7 days the post “Trust Malfeasance…“, dated 4/02/2012, as I no longer have confidence in some of the assertions I made therein. I got caught up in the rumor mill, and I now regret that  I rashly reached unsupported conclusions. I apologize to Mehernath Kalchuri and his family.

I remain furious with AMBPPCT for its completely inept management of controversy in general, and specifically for its utter abdication of accepted standards of transparency, accountability and the removal of conflicts of interest from among its trustees, and most especially concerning the “Selling Of Meherabad And The Corruption of AMBPPCT.”

The facts that have now come to light support the assertion that the Trust has been deeply corrupted by two or more of its trustees having participated in a speculative real estate partnership with Gary Kleiner to sell Meherabad. It will be remembered that a presumed basis for Erico Nadel’s  murder was his investigation of shaunky Meherabad real estate transactions, and that this has been the primary basis on which I have blogged on this sordid subject.

I am completely dedicated to getting my facts right, and I will not rest until the Trust is held accountable for its sacred duty to preserve and protect Meherabad.


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Silence Day Ghazal

I, the lost one, find my way to the ocean’s shore,
where none can hear my grief above the surf’s roar.

I would drown at once the sound of my own thought-
I would die now and forever to all that can be taught.

The ocean wave rises, threatens and then crashes;
spirit brightens as rolling water softly caresses.

All truth is revealed in the pure and virgin sand,
washed clean of all mark left by unnatural hand.

I read the scattered omens of shell, wood and stone:
only by the songbird’s cry can this blame be undone.

My grief shapes slowly into verse that disappears
along the curving ocean shore of bitter tears.

Darvish walks and walks to find the lost silence
that reveals again the beloved Master’s presence.

Line in italics by Francis Brabazon

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I raise my glass to the only divine lover

I raise my glass to the only divine lover;
I drink to the dregs all the wine he offers.

There is no taste I prefer to his presence;
my eyes have no light save his effulgence.

I have no motion but for his rhythm:
all life springs from his ancient whim.

Hunger gnaws daily until beauty’s embrace-
all thirst is for sight of his compassionate face.

My tears are a lake I would gladly drown in,
but for the pity induced by such a sin.

My only hope is the pain of despair:
I will not find him until I forsake all care.

Darvish has no friend but the deep blue sky;
Yet, what he loves, always remains close by.

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Green grows the heart’s longing, vines on fire

Green grows the heart’s longing, vines on fire
Breathing your name in love’s ascending gyre.

Green grows the longing heart skyward, bright
Tongues of flame praising the sweet Word of light.

Your name, your bright name is our dawn laughter
That rises and resounds to announce the Master.

Starlight dreams its way into sleeping stone,
Becomes the gold hammered into your throne.

The car that carries you across the sky
Sings your bright name of mercy as it flies.

Meher is light spilling infinite bliss
On all galaxies throughout the universe.

The tangle of wild roses in Darvish’s heart
Have bloodied him with thorn and graceful art.

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Love spills like blood on the floor

Love spills like blood on the floor
as the vigilant snore and snore;
the nightmare goes on and on
until we scream, “no more, no more.”

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Top Five Ironic Proofs That Meher Baba Is the God-Man

1.”God Speaks”, the most significant modern cosmological and metaphysical treatise of our time, was published in 1955, but remains virtually unknown to both cognoscenti and layman alike. Only the God-Man could so effectively  suppress what is the new “Bible” for our intellectually and spiritually challenged age.

2. Meher Baba, the champion of iconoclasm, endorsed a sufi order called “Sufism                   Reoriented”, which claims to have extracted the promise from Baba that genuine            saints will guide the order for 700 years until Baba as the Prophet comes again; Only the God-Man would have willingly allowed this colossal and idiotic fuck-up to gain credence.

3. The “Selling of Meherabad”, a mere forty eight years after Baba passed away, could only have been effected by copy cat Judases with palm itch for coin gain, and a supporting flock of bleating sheep mouthing the Master’s name. This is indeed a “miracle”.

4. Only the Avatar, in his infinite mercy, could have inspired such a completely listless and soporific following of lovers to support a chairman dressed in white, flaunting the three rings of the Hindu trinity and mouthing Jai Ho instead of Jai Baba, with not even so much much as a dissenting sneer.

5. The best and most enduring ironic proof  that Meher Baba is the God-Man is the utter indifference of his lovers to public acceptance that the Prophet and Christ has again returned. This is his spectacular glory: that real love loves for the sake of love alone and couldn’t care less about his Manifestation.


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We have opened the door to our heart and let you in

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